Six More Rifles Discovered in Luweero

Police in Luweero have recovered at least six guns which were purportedly abandoned during the NRA guerrilla war, in a discovery that has evoked fear that the area is not free of war materials.


The six, all G3 riffles had been heaped in Sand Mines at Namakata Village in Makulubitta Sub County in Luweero district. The village harbored a Decoy detach for National Resistance Army fighters in 1981-1986.

Topher Gimei, The Criminal Investigation Department chief in Luwero explains that the guns were unearthed by one Jamir Ssenkubuge who was mining sand in the area. He later notified village authorities who later engaged the police and transferred them to Luweero Central Police station.

The Guns were all blemished and worn-out an indication that they had been dormant over a very long period of time. On the basis of the appearance, Gimei expresses fear that the area is not free from weapons that were used in bush war and some of them are still active and may explode or used by wrong elements to cause insecurity.

This is the fifth case of weapons recovered in Luweero district in period of three months. Other weapons recovered include two bombs discovered at Kaswa village in Katikamu and Kanyanda in Makulubita Sub Counties respectively. Another shotgun of Uzi gun type was also recovered in Kitemasanga village in Makulubita. Last week an Anti-Tank Rifle was discovered by residents at Kabunyata Village in Kamira Sub County.

Livingstone Kategeya, The Kamira Sub County chairman explains that several arms and ammunitions are uncovered in the area on a monthly basis. He added that authorities have already petitioned UPDF and Police over the fear, although no action has been taken.

Jane Namwanje, a resident of Makulubita Sub County says population pressures have increased the discoveries since most of the land had been idle since the end of the rebellion in 1986.

Last Year, One person died and five others critically injured in a bomb explosion near Kaweweta Army training school in Nakaseke district. The bomb exploded after it was exposed to fire from charcoal burning.

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