Six Students Injured In Kigezi High School Internal Strike

Some of the injured students on a Police Pick up

Police in Kabale district have taken over security at Kigezi High in Kabale Municipality following intense fighting between O and A level students.

Some of the injured students on a Police Pick up
Some of the injured students on a Police Pick up

Today’s battles stem from failed attempts by the administration and Advanced level students to block O-level students from Putting on trousers as part of their regular uniform.

Traditionally O-Level Students at Kigezi High School put on Khaki shorts and white short-sleeved shirts white A-Level students put on Black trousers and long-sleeved white shirts.

However, the school gives out a pair of shorts and one black trouser to O-Level students while A-Level students get two black trousers.

But A-level students are now protesting the provision of Black trousers to students in lower classes.

At around 11:00am today, a group of A-Level students armed with sticks allegedly moved in to force the O-level students to remove the black trousers which they were donning.  One student was reportedly injured in the ensuing scuffle.

The development evoked anger and vengeance from the attacked group fuelling a severe clash between the two sections. Five more students were injured and are now admitted at Rugarama Hospital.  Their names have however been withheld.

Benon Twinomujuni the school’s head teacher explains that the fights were unwarranted since the O-Level students are only permitted to put on the black trousers on special occasions and not on a daily basis.

Kigezi regional Police spokesperson Elly Maate says that the Police have taken over the school to restore sanity.

By the time of filing this story, Ordinary level students had fled the school.

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