Somalia Political rift Escalates amid Missing Spy Row

Prime Minister Mohamed Hussein Roble has been in the post since 2020

Prime Minister Mohamed Hussein Roble has been in the post since 2020

AGENCIES | Mogadishu, Somalia – The prime minister subsequently suspended the head of the intelligence agency, Fahad Yasin, accusing him of defying his order to report, within 48 hours, on what had happened to the spy.

But the president intervened, saying the prime minister had no authority to sack Mr Yasin – and reinstated him.

The president also rejected the prime minister’s decision to sack the security minister.

The president has appointed a commission of inquiry to look into the disappearance of Ms Tahlil, but the spy’s mother, Qali Mohamud, dismissed the move, saying she wanted a military court to investigate.

On Thursday, the president’s office said in a statement the prime minister’s powers – especially over the appointment and dismissal of officials – had been withdrawn until Somalia held elections.

The Horn of Africa nation is scheduled to hold indirect parliamentary elections between 1 October and 25 November.

Hours later, Mr Roble said he would reject the “unlawful” decision. “The prime minister reminds the president to preserve the principles of the constitution of the separation of powers of the government’s institutions,” he said in a statement.

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On Sunday, UN deputy head Amina Mohammed met the president and prime minister and urged them to avoid any moves that “could lead to violence and further delay the elections or undermine its credibility”.

The two men were involved in a bitter feud in April over the president’s decision to delay elections and extend his term in office, which had expired in February. It led to rival factions of the army clashing in the capital, Mogadishu.

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