Somalia’s new President Nicknamed ‘Cheese’

Somalia’s new President Nicknamed ‘Cheese’

Somali’s new President Mohamed Abdullahi Mohamed is nicknamed “Farmajo” after the Italian word for cheese.

It is said he loved eating cheese when he was young, growing up in the former Italian colony.

He has dual Somali-American nationality and is known for his human rights campaigning.

In his fifties, he served for a short time as prime minister in 2011 but resigned after a few months following disagreement between him and then-President Sheikh Sharif Hassan.

He was not popular with other politicians as he portrayed himself as a man of the people, travelling economy class when he went on trips abroad.

Of the more than 20 other candidates, he was the most popular on social media – as he was regarded as a nationalist.

His main rivals were criticised for having the backing of either Ethiopia or Kenya

His supporters are opposed to foreign interference in the running of affairs in Somalia and want to see a change in the politics of the country.

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