Soroti Patient tries to escape with hospital bed


There was drama at Soroti Regional Referral Hospital when a mob justice victim attempted to escape with a hospital bed on which he had been handcuffed.


Paul Ojilong was taken to the hospital by the police after rescuing him from an irate mob that had severely injured him. He had been suspected of stealing school from a pupil going to Teso boarding primary school.

The hospital staff on night duty was on Friday night stunned to see Ojilong pulling the bed from the ward where he was undergoing treatment as he tried to escape.

Ojilong in an interview said he was escaping because the Police had abandoned him at the hospital without giving him meals. He urged he was entitled to food and water a right.

Ojilong had pulled the hospital bed 200 meters away from surgical ward.  The hospital guard later removed the hand cuff from him in order to get the bed back to the ward

Deborah Akullo, a nurse in charge evening duty at the  Hospital’s , Surgical ward  said that it was  the first time she was witnessing a suspect on treatment  escaping  from the ward with a bed.

Dr. Fred Kirya,  a senior Surgeon at Soroti Regional hospital blamed the Police for abandoning the suspect in the Hospital.

He said the Hospital management communicated to Police about the suspect but there was no response.

Soroti District Police Commander, Joab Wabwire however said he was not aware of the incident when contacted for comment.

Police and Prison normally handcuff sick suspects or prisoner on hospital beds. When the sick suspects heal, then they are returned to prison or charged and presented to court for trial.

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