South Korea Is A Puppet-Cliqued Regime – North Korea Ambassador

H.E Myong Kyong Ambassador of the D.P.R.-Korea to Uganda with Hon. Okello Oryem.

South Korea Is A Puppet-Cliqued Regime – North Korea Ambassador


By Patrick Ocaido


The ambassador of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK) to Uganda, H.E Myong Kyong Chol has revealed that South Korea government is a puppet cliqued regime.

During an exclusive interview last week, Myong Kyong said that whereas South Korea has been seen as a growing economic body, the country is wholly controlled by U.S and have no right to decision making.

“If U.S stops supporting South Korea then they will fall one day because their economy is entirely run by Americans who even control their army,” Kyong said.

He added, “South Korea is only important in carrying America’s intentions. The‘state’is not sovereign, but just a puppet cliqued regime surrounded by a bunch of Americans.”

Two weeks ago, Minister of Foreign Affairs Sam Kutesa and other officials joined South-Korean Ambassador to Uganda Park Jong Dae at the Korean National Foundation and Armed Forces Day reception at the ambassador’s residence in Nakasero. This was in commemoration of the founding of the Korean nation.

During the fete, Park Jong Dae ‘commended’ Uganda for standing firm against North Korea’s provocative nuclear tests and sending a clear message that such conduct would not be accepted.  At the same meeting, Kutesa said Uganda does not support nuclear weapons nor the proliferation of such weapons.

In response, Kyong has said that he does not recognize Park Jong Daeas an ambassador because ‘he is simply a puppet’ who wants to ruin a good relationship that his country has with Uganda and other African states.

“The so called ambassador is a mere puppet who wants to badmouth North Korea and destroy the good relationship the two countries are enjoying so that he can impose American policies on them,” he said.

However, Kyong supported the idea of abolishment of proliferation of nuclear weapon, but said it should be done globally and not in isolation of North Korea.

“Many powerful countries are in possession of nuclear weapons, so if this weaponry is to be banned then the sanctions should apply to all countries including U.S,” Kyong said.

He added that proliferation of nuclear weapons and missile testing is not a threat to African countries, but a measure of self-defence against U.S aggression.

“We shall continue to make nuclear weapons purposely to defend our sovereignty and it is only aimed at U.S and not any other country. We shall continue to partner with Uganda and other African countries,” Kyong added.

He added that several countries are now opposed to US unpopular policies and this explains why African countries are withdrawing from the International Criminal Court (ICC) with Gambia and South Africa being the latest.

“ICC is not a fair body, their policies only aim at African countrieswhile conniving western crimes. Now most of International bodies are playing the role as tools of United States for imposing its hardline policy on developing countries which are not in favour of them. I urge countries to remain united under their regional organisations,” Kyong said.

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