Speaker Anita Among

The ruling National Resistance Movement (NRM) politburo, the Central Executive Committee (CEC), last week convened at Mosa Courts, Nakasero for consultations on a wide range of issues.

This time the meeting, according to sources, was chaired by the first national vice chairman Alhaji Moses Kigongo.

President Museveni was not in attendance but he had been briefed and gave them a nod of approval.

The meeting was reportedly strictly for NRM CEC members as specified in their constitution.

These are National Chairperson, 1st National Vice  Chairperson, 2nd National Vice Chairperson(female),  6(six) Vice Chairpersons representing the Regions of Uganda- East, Central, North, West, Kampala and Karamoja, NRM Secretary General, National Treasurer, Deputy Secretary General, Deputy National Treasurer, Chairperson of NRM Parliamentary Caucus and all Chairpersons of the National Special League Committees, Chairpersons of Commissions, and such number of National Secretaries and Deputy National Secretaries as NEC may determine.


Some special guests can be invited and there are those who have been attending by extension.

However, this time, it was strictly CEC members and those who dared to make their way there suffered humiliation.

Highly placed sources told us that one of those bounced back was VP Jessica Alupo.

Speaker Anita Among too was not spared.

“She was chased away like a chicken thief,” said a source.

We are told she tried to plead to attend but the Kigongos’ could not entertain any of her words and gave her marching orders.

She was reportedly seen leaving with 5Ds (Defeated, Dejected, Disappointed, Disapproved, Disavowed) all written on her face.

During the meeting, NRM CEC members even went on to bash the Speaker and matters would have been worse if she had attended.

Members expressed displeasure and discomfort with the designations of commissioners of parliament; the leadership of the sessional, and standing committees of parliament that were made without the input of CEC. This, they say, contravened the rules of procedure for the NRM parliamentary caucus.

It is not clear why she was bounced back but sources say this is part of an elaborate plan by NRM’s deep state to finish off Among ahead of 2026.

“NRM and State House are not happy with her and she will fall soon,” a knowledgeable source on the on goings whispered to us.

More reporting on how NRM plans to cripple Among will be in our subsequent publication.

Watch this space!


CEC members unanimously agreed that the tentative party road map activities (2024 to 2026) be suspended until CEC meets to make an input.

The CEC meeting resolved that the tentative NRM road map (2024 -2026) activities be stayed until another meeting is held with Chairman Gen. Museveni in attendance to make an input.

The meeting recommended revoking the earlier position of CEC to bring on board special guests of CEC to its meetings.

Equally, persons who attend CEC by way of extension are hereby stopped from further attendance.

The NRM leaders resolved to create a vote to the Central Executive Committee out of Government funds disbursed to the NRM that will be vested in the National Vice Chairman for management and administration of party activities and accountability.

It was also resolved that going forward, Kigongo can chair CEC meetings in the absence of his boss, Gen.Museveni.

The meeting has since resolved to extend for six months the term of office of NRM chairpersons of special organs.

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