Speaker Kadaga Halts Debate on Supplementary Expenditure

Speaker Rebecca Kadaga.

The speaker of parliament Rebecca Kadaga in a special sitting this morning has suspended the debate on the supplementary schedule 2 saying that although it appears properly laid it has gaps in it and if the house insists debating on it without collecting the gaps it would not be good.
Kadaga referred the supplementary schedule to the Budget Committee of Parliament to consider it and directed that when it is ready the committee should get back to her.

The speaker’s ruling came after a heated debate in the house on a motion moved by the State Minister of Finance, planning and economic development Fred Omach asking Parliament to suspend rule 47 to enable him present supplementary expenditures for fiscal year 2012-2013 budget that should be done with before the financial year ends by this month.

Some of the funds that were to be approved are those of State House that amounted to 2billion required to cater for wage shortfalls in state house, 4.6billion for the Ministry of Education and Sports also for wage shortfalls, 19.5billion supplementary for Uganda Police Force required for shortfalls in payment of outstanding electricity, water bills, classified expenditure and others.

The grand total of the supplementary expenditure totaled to 46.9 billion of which 36.9billion are Recurrent Expenditure and 7.7billion are Development Expenditure.

The MPs opposed to this motion saying that if parliament goes ahead to debate the motion it would mean that the budget committee has no work and also contested the activities budgeted for in the supplementary, the MPs suggested that the minister goes through the committee before coming on the floor of parliament.

MP Odongo Otto said that minister Omach in his motion was trying to persuade Parliament to dispense the budget committee and do the work of the budget committee saying that the minister’s motion is defective.

The leader of Opposition Nandala Mafabi argued that salaries indicated in the supplementary schedule were catered for and now the minister of finance is trying to ask money again yet it was passed already.

The Minister of Works Abraham Byandala said that people’s salaries that were catered for in the budget are there but those who were recruited after passing the budget are not there therefore required in the supplementary budget.

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