Spice Diana On Why She Needs Bodyguards

By Fab Mc

Lately, Spice Diana real names Namukwaya Hajara Diana has been seen with bouncers everywhere she goes. The muscled men and woman mean business and this comes at a time when artistes barely have money to spend on luxurious things like bouncers. I had a chat with Diana on why she needs security and then on other things in life.


FabMc: what’s with the bouncers? Is it a promo for an upcoming song?

Spice: I will actually relate the bouncers issue to my late brothers Mowzey Radio and AK47. I would say they lost their lives because they didn’t have security yet as celebrities and artistes, we need this security because you don’t know who is after your life, who doesn’t like you and what plans they have. Why do we have a fence at our homes? It’s because of protection.


FabMc: Why now?

Spice: If you have been following artistes all over the world, many have security details. Security might not be the main issue but having body guards is another way of earning respect and branding yourself. I have decided to pick a leaf from artistes bigger than me like Diamond, Harmonize who also have these security details. If they can do it, why not me. My manager ensures that the brand Spice Diana is not the same every day. This has nothing to do with someone being after my life or distancing myself from my fans at all like some people have been saying.


FabMc: We have seen you host celeb after celeb at your house. What is the motive and how many celebs have you hosted so far since lockdown…is this sort of your housewarming?

Spice: These people are my friends and we visit each other more often. There is no motive behind it because as artistes, we have to always be there for each other and stay connected. I’m a people’s person and if someone calls and says they want to check on me, my door is always open so long as they are family or friends.


FabMc: What have you been up to in this lockdown and How are you surviving without shows?

Spice: It has really been hard to survive in this lockdown since we have not been working and earning but as Spice Diana, I’m trying to survive on online shows. I have been using different platforms and they have been paying me on a monthly basis. Then through endorsement deals from some companies. Someone will call and request to use my space on social media to advertise because I have 600k followers on facebook, 700k plus on Instagram, 100,000 subscribers on YouTube etc so I’m doing well on social media that some companies want to partner with me on promotions so that is how I have been surviving in this lockdown. Though it can’t be better than how it used to be before COVID.


FabMc: What are your after lockdown plans and what lessons have you learnt?

Spice: I will start with the amazing projects I had to pause because of COVID but will resume after. Projects like collaborations with big East Africa and African artistes, I have so many singles and many other things.

Concerning lessons, I have learnt to put much emphasis on my online platforms like selling music online where you can earn some good money from it, then I have learnt to have more investments as an artiste because you never know such a situation might come back but if you have investments, you will not be affected that much. I have also thought of doing more online concerts because with them, you can reach out to more people in different areas.


FabMc: You are one of the most consistent artistes lately. To what do you owe your success to?

Spice: The way I describe success is being simple and disciplined. Sometimes it’s not about the music or how good you are in something you do but the discipline and how you treat everybody around you in their different capacities. Our business is associating with people so you have to master that. I have tried to respect everyone who has contributed to my career. The media, bloggers, the management, deejays, my team and my fans especially who are a great pillar.

FabMc: There is a rumor that you are returning to school. Why and what course are you going to do?

Spice: I’m a person who loves learning and I would wish to know more about my business, more about branding and marketing. If there is a chance, I would take a short course about those things.

FabMc: Recently, you won the female artiste in the Zzina awards and some people said Cindy was not pleased with you winning that award in her social media post. Do you have any comment for that?

Spice: I didn’t see my name in any post made by Cindy so I wouldn’t say it was directed to me so for that matter, I won’t comment about it. I love her so much and she knows it. I’m her biggest fan and what I know is that she also loves me because in one of her interviews, she said I was one of her favorite artists. I know she appreciates my work and I appreciate her work.

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