Ssenyonyi, Speaker Among have a secret deal-source

Speaker Among chats with LoP Ssenyonyi and Mp Zaake recently

A secret deal was reportedly reached between Speaker of Parliament Anita Among and Leader of Opposition Joel Ssenyonyi, it has emerged.

This was days after Joel assumed the LoP office.

According to knowledgeable sources, the Speaker’s strategists advised her to eat a humble pie and talk down Joel privately.

There was reportedly a consensus among the Speaker’s strategists that Joel had been badly wounded by the Speaker during his COSASE days while going after thieving at various MDAs like CAA, Uganda Airlines.

That the scenes played out were ugly and there were fears he would now use his larger LoP platform to revenge whenever there is an opportunity.

The Speaker got convinced.

A highly placed source in parliament revealed to this publication that the deal involved exchange of huge sums of money.

In return, the Speaker reportedly expected a harmonized working relationship with Joel as LOP.

The deal reportedly involved Joel toning down his criticism and attack against the leadership of parliament and the NRM party in the course of his duties as LoP.

However, going by the way he has been speaking and behaving in the wake of the #UgandaParliamentExhibition, Joel has reportedly renegaged and the Speaker feels betrayed, according to sources close to her.

Since the online campaign against the financial excesses at parliament, Joel has been on the neck of the Speaker to respond to all the corruption allegations raised against Parliament if the institution is to live true to its vision of being people-centred.

Ssenyonyi insists that opposition leaders respect Among as the Speaker of Parliament, but however, she occupies a public office where the taxpayer’s money is kept, so it is their duty as leaders to ask for accountability.

The Leader of Opposition has also revealed that he wrote to the Director of Public Prosecution, Frances Abodo, Inspector General of Government, Betty Kamya, and Auditor General, John Muwanga, to conduct an investigation into allegations of corruption and abuse of office at Parliament.

And he seems not to be stopping soon.

What’s the Speaker’s plan B?  

Watch this space!

More details to follow…

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