St. Mary’s Kitende exchange players with Bukedea Comprehensive & Seroma

St Marys Kitende Director Dr Mulindwa during USSSA-Elite games greeting Basketball players

By Emma Amooti

In a strategic move aimed at fostering sports development and sharing talent across regions, St. Mary’s Kitende, a renowned educational institution in Uganda, has decided to release promising football and basketball stars to Bukedea Comprehensive School and Seroma Christian High School.

This initiative not only showcases St. Mary’s Kitende’s commitment to nurturing talent also contributes to the broader goal of enhancing sports opportunities for students across the country.

St. Mary’s Kitende has identified talented football players within its ranks and has made the decision to release them to Bukedea Comprehensive School.

This move is a testament to the school’s dedication to decentralizing sports talent and fostering growth in regions that may have untapped potential.

In a parallel effort to bolster basketball development, St. Mary’s Kitende is releasing promising basketball players to Seroma Christian High School.

By extending their talent pool to different parts of the country, St. Mary’s Kitende aims to contribute to the overall improvement of basketball standards and competitiveness.

St Marys Kitende football with the FEASSA Trophy 2023

The decision to release these sports stars to other institutions emphasizes the spirit of collaboration in sports development.

St. Mary’s Kitende recognizes the importance of sharing expertise and talent to uplift the standard of sports education and competition beyond its immediate campus.

The move not only benefits the receiving schools but also opens up new opportunities for the released student-athletes.

By experiencing different training environments and competition dynamics, these young talents have the chance to further hone their skills and broaden their perspectives in the world of sports, St. Mary’s Kitende’s initiative aligns with the idea that a well-rounded education includes not only academic excellence but also sports and character development.

By extending their reach to other schools, they contribute to the creation of a more inclusive and diverse sports landscape in Ugandan secondary schools.

Meanwhile, St. Mary’s Kitende’s decision to release football and basketball stars to Bukedea Comprehensive School and Seroma Christian High School is a commendable step toward fostering sports development on a broader scale.

By sharing talent and expertise with other institutions, St. Mary’s Kitende is contributing to the growth of sports at a national level, creating a positive impact on the lives of student-athletes and enriching the overall sporting landscape in Uganda.

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