Starqt Awards 2016 Voting On

Stella Nankya

Starqt Awards 2016 Voting On

Starqt awards organizers have revealed that voting is now on until September 05 2016.

Stella Nankya the Starqt fashion house owner said that everyone is entitled to vote his or her best personality in the available categories.

“Everyone in Africa can vote for his/ her best personality in the available categories,” said Stella.

“These awards are aimed at rewarding Africans living in South Africa who have done a lot to see their home countries grow both economically and socially.”

“The Awards are now for the whole of Africa. All African countries that have their people in South Africa will be represented,”

The Starqt Awards are being organised by Starqt Fashion House which is owned and managed by Stella Nankya a Ugandan model based in South Africa.

“Everything we do is fuelled by our passion for celebrating the power of unity, acknowledging whose actions and hard work have impacted on the African Community in South Africa.”


The inaugural ceremony of the Starqt Awards two years ago attracted people from all walks of life and they were deemed the best awards organised by Ugandans in South Africa.

A few years ago, Stella represented Uganda at the Miss Asia Pacific beauty pageant in Seoul, South Korea.

Snoops have also revealed that Wisely King of Spirit FM will host the Awards in South Africa.

Uganda’s rear Queen Desire Luzinda will be the headlining act of the night and she has vowed to thrill her fan with a vast range of her nice songs.


The awards ceremony will be held on September 10 at Bedford View City hall, Johannesburg, South Africa.

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