Statehouse distributes Cows to Rushenyi, Beneficiaries Cautioned

Amos Tayebwa

Ntungamo:Statehouse Authorities under the Poverty Alleviation program have warned every beneficiary under this program to protect the animals that were given to them and respect the initiative as a presidential reward.

This call was made Yesterday 23rd Nov. 2023 in Kagongi at the Parish headquarters in Rugarama, Rushenyi County in Ntungamo District, where about 40 Heifers were handed over to the beneficiaries by Joan Kakwenzire, the Special Presidential Advisor and the head of Poverty Alleviation program Statehouse.The 40 heifers were distributed and each selected registered beneficiary took home with one heifer as the policy per say.

Kagongi was selected among the 9 model villages to have this project. The nine model Villages are parishes that the president selects to be models to the rest of the places. In Ntungamo, there are two model villages which include Kagongi Model Village and Kagorora Model Village in Ruhama. So that becomes like a sample or an example for the benefit of other people in borrowing a leaf in mindset change together to fight poverty.

This program coming to Kagongi was the initiative by the Noame Kabasharira, the area Member of Parliament for Rushenyi County using her Lobbying skills through the office of the head of the Poverty alleviation Program in order to fight poverty increase in the area.

Last year, Kagongi also received about 268 piglets and 288 goats under the same program. All the animals were distributed to the beneficiaries and it was reported that the Kagongi model village was found to have improved a little bit in protecting the animals they got earlier.

However, the beneficiaries have been cautioned to ensure they avoid selling the animals given to them, they were also tasked to mind much about the health of these animals and also keep them safe from the thieves.

According to Josephine Kiconco, Assistant Private Secretary of Poverty Alleviation Program who doubles as the coordinator for this program in western Uganda said that there are penalties to every Beneficiary who will mishandle the animal that was given to them. She said that no one is expected to sell any of the animals distributed to them because it’s a government project that is aiming at eradicating poverty from their communities in the entire country.
She added that some people tend to mishandle the government project thinking that being government projects they don’t attach ownership, and they refer it to a government property and there is negligence. Some sell those items, but there is a strong warning against all that because at the end the benefit is to an individual.

Noame Kabasharira, the area MP Rushenyi County, said that the people who received the heifers, goats and pigs should put it mind that this project is not for them alone, it is meant for all the families within the community in which it will be rotating from one person to another. She mentioned that whoever gets a heifer when, it produces the first birth of a female it has to be given to another person so that the whole community can benefit on this project.

She added that even those who got goats and piglets once the first four produce, the first births have to be given to other people who did not get in the first phase. “I want to tell the people of Kagongi that you are lucky that you have started with this project but it’s not for you alone, it’s a project for the whole Rushenyi County so you should not be selfish. I must caution you not to attempt to sell these animals, once you do it, be aware that you will be arrested because this is a government project that is trying to fight against poverty in your families” She said that there are projects coming up that must be extended to the rest of the parishes and sub-counties in Rushenyi county. she assured that for those you have not received the cows have to be patient that their turn is yet to come for more other projects.

For two and a half years Kabasharira has been in the Parliament of Uganda as a Legislator representing the people of Rushenyi, she has been able to lobby for two brand new ambulances. One ambulance was put at Rushoroza H/C IV and another one was put at Rubare H/C IV where she also supported the rehabilitation of a general ward at the same facility.

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