Stella Nyanzi Takes On Andrew Mwenda For Calling FDC Supporters ‘Stupid’

Stella Nyanzi Takes On Andrew Mwenda For Calling FDC Supporters ‘Stupid’

The motor-mouthed journalist Andrew Mwenda and FDC supporters are currently in a war of words with latter calling the former all sorts of names including gay, masturbator, rapist and many other names of the sort.

This came after the Independent Magazine proprietor called Besigye supporters the stupidest Ugandans he has ever seen in history of politics.

Mwenda reasoned that if Besigye supporters were not stupid, they wouldn’t sit back and relax claiming that they have won elections in all four occasions Besigye has stood for presidency.

He challenges them to take over power by force Tunisians and Egyptians did, if they feel Besigye has been winning.

He argues that sitting back and relaxing makes them the stupidest in the political history.

However, the controversial academia, Stella Nyanzi became one of the Besigye supporters to react on Mwenda’s comments which he made while appearing at Kfm on Christmas Eve.

Nyanzi in her facebook post said that Mwenda is like a prostitute who moves with the highest bidder. She believes by saying all these, Mwenda is paying back to Museveni who bought him by cash to suppress FDC supporters.

Subsequent to insulting the masses who use Facebook in Uganda and denigrating Dr. Kizza Besigye along with his supporters, Andrew Mwenda was forcefully outed as having a US-based gay lover who recently dumped him for misappropriating investments. A lot of homophobic people in the opposition publicly ridiculed, shamed, insulted and threatened Andrew for being an exposed homosexual. The vitriol and hatred for homosexual people became the fuel for fighting a war of abusive words. Homophobia was mobilised by opposition stalwarts and hurled at a man who supports Museveni’s dictatorship.

I refuse to join the gay bashing. I refuse to use that particular weaponry of homophobic hate-speech in my fight against Museveni, his system and those who support its entrenchment in Uganda. I am totally opposed to Mwenda insulting masses of people for believing in Dr. Kizza Besigye. I am also totally opposed to the technique of publicly shaming and insulting him for being a homosexual. Although I hate Museveni’s gross mismanagement of Uganda and I am inspired by Besigye’s defiant opposition, I am not a homophobe. I refuse to reduce myself and my politics. Neither my stand against Museveni nor my love for Besigye justify homophobia.

If Mwenda is gay or bisexual, that is his private issue. It is not his homosexuality that insulted Ugandans, mocked Besigye, or called his supporters the most stupid people. It is not Mwenda’s homosexuality that stole our votes, misgoverned our resources, militarised our institutions, and sucked Uganda of its marrows. Instead, it is his cold calculated sycophancy, deep avarice and shrewd manipulation that make him spew non-stop shallow propaganda against Dr. Besigye and his supporters. Andrew’s loins are not the problem; his brain, soul, spirit and heart are the poisoned killers.


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