Stella Nyanzi’s office re-opened after Flaunting her ‘Eclipse’

Makerere University College of Humanities and Social Sciences Principal Prof. Edward Kirumira has re-opened the office of Dr. Stella Nyanzi, a research fellow at Makerere University Institute of Social Research (MISR).


This came after Dr. Stella Nyanzi stripped naked in the morning protesting the closure of her office.

The office was locked on Friday by the institute’s head Prof. Mahmood Mamdani.

After the re-opening, she wondered why the university waited for her to undress before solving the crisis.

“Do I have to first undress myself to get my office back (breaks down in tears)?” she asked.

Prof. Edward Kirumira said her office should not be locked again.

Nyanzi defends herself from criticism

“The weapons of the powerless never make sense to the powerful. You can laugh at and mock me for using my nudity against the illegal eviction from my office, but it was the only weapon I had in my battle against Mahmood Mamdani’s insubordination to the DVC who asked him to stay the eviction. I am fighting to the death against the oppression,” she said.

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