Student Confesses To Have Deliberately Infected 324 Men With HIV And Targets 2000 Before Year Ends


This lady got the whole Kenya Scandals team shaken, she in boxed with her own Facebook page not a pseudo account, “I see you people exposing scandals i also have a big one to tell just don’t expose my name” her opening clause to Kenya Scandals.


After assuring of her identity protection she went ahead and burst her bubble, “I am 19 and a 2nd year here at Kabarak University, i joined this college a virgin though I have had boyfriends before, my parents are strict so having sex was never on my mind.

Sep 22nd 2013 is a day I will never forget, we went clubbing in town and got drunk with some senior students then went back hostels for party round 2,i remember less but i remember waking up naked to some guy called Javan with my painful knew he had sex with me when drunk i only asked if he used a condom and he said yes ,however when taking bath i noticed sperms down there, i wanted to commit suicide, i feared getting pregnant n HIV, took contras n hoped i was HIV free, in November i tested HIV positive, i felt like cutting off my neck, I confronted that guy and he insisted he was clean that i got it from somewhere. I was so depressed and took alcohol to die, i even bought poison, the pain was just unbearable how was i gone face the world, i let my parents down, i gave up on the world and just wanted to end my life” the lady narrates her story to Kenya Scandals and you can feel tears in her words.

Quickly goes to her FB profile to see her photos and take it from here, she is one fine piece of art, right features in the right places, a bad joke but Jesus would say OMG on spotting her, no man can resist

this ladies charm, not even Jimmy Gathu, back to the confession and btw there’s no a single clue from her photos that she could be infected,” something came up in my mind that i should revenge, i hated men and didn’t want to be near any, my future had been ruined, somehow someone had to pay, after private therapies and sessions i gained strength not even my parents, friends new of my conditions even up to now, my life would then take a turn and depend on ARVs. I accepted my fate and promised to make all men i come across suffer, i know I am attractive and men both married n unmarried chases me left right and center, luckily my body has remained good and if anything my curves got better something you men like.

I buried the good girl in me and became the bad girl, my goal was to infect as many as possible so far since Dec up to now i have infected 324 men and i make sure to note down there list which i secretly keeps when ill be on my death bed i will release it.

I know i have nothing left to do on earth but wait for my death but before i do, men will get it. My target is over 2k by the end of the year, pregnancy is out of question I am on contras so i just do raw which most men here love they don’t even question, my looks and body works greatly for me, i give it good.

Of the 324 about 156 are students here at the college, the ret are married men outside, lecturers, lawyers, some celebs and 3 politician. Not a day passes without me having sex, mostly 4 people per day” she continues to reveal her shocking confession exclusively to Kenya Scandals.

She goes to conclude, “i know this story will get people talking but nothing will stop me from accomplishing my mission by continuing to sleep around, you never know but maybe you have slept with me or your husband, boyfriend, brother, father or any has slept with me and i never allow condom go have HIV test and for those who haven’t and here in Nakuru or outside, your day is coming, you men destroyed my life and i will make you and your people pay for it. I don’t have any regrets at all, I am gone for now, i have had one today and got two more men lined up to receive it” she daringly sums up her confession to Kenya Scandals.

Source: The Kenyan Daily Post

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  1. This isn’t connected to this subject in anyway. But thanks for letting us know ( as if we didn’t know)

  2. This lady is so ignorant regarding HIV and AIDS, she is just making these fellows enjoy her in the pretext that she is giving them this so called “HIV”, she should also note that not everybody who gets in contact with a so called HIV person gets HIV or AIDS , there are so many documented cases of couples who either one is positive and the other is negative and all have healthy babies. this lady is just behaving in a trashy manner and tarnishing her image out of ignorance and I do not even think this story is true, too many inconsistences in the story , however let her try to help herself let her by looking into the other side of HIV and AIDS and she will definitely be surprised what she finds out regarding a lot of mis-information pertaining this so called AIDS scourge .. she can start by goggling “re-thinking Aids” and then from there she can make her own informed choice of what she wants to believe. HIV and AIDS is a very big industry and this industry will fight anyone having a dissenting voice against this issue , and I know I am going to be ridiculed by most of you guys, but I just request for once let people have and open and critical mind and look into this so called HIV and AIDs in another angle or perspective .

  3. how did u even think about bringing this up? are u one, just hiding in the closet? coz this topic has got nothing to do with the gays. plus, let God judge not u. for now, we are all humans, we shd all mind our own business…just an opinion 😉

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