Sugarcane Out-growers End Strike after Payrise

Out- growers supplying sugarcane to Kakira Sugar works have resolved to end a three week strike after authorities agreed to a pay increment for each ton of cane supplied at the factory.

SugarM.R Reddy, the agricultural manager of Kakira Sugar Limited, says each out grower will now earn Ugx 65,000 per ton of sugarcane supplied up from Ugx 61,000.

They will also earn Ugx 3000 as arrears up from Ugx 2000 earned for the past one year. Arrears are derived from the difference between the interim price of sugarcane and the estimated price for the coming new season.

More than ten thousand sugarcane out-growers under Busoga Sugarcane Growers Association – BSGA – stopped supplying cane three weeks ago demanding for a pay increment from Kakira Sugar Works Limited.

David Ojwang, the BSGA Chairman says the out growers are happy with the price increment and will begin supplying sugarcane next week.

Robert Odong, the Sugarcane out grower’s plantation manager says the strike had also led to an increment in the price of sugar.  Before the strike, sugar cost Ugx 2000 per kilogram in Jinja the price increased by Ugx 200 at retail market price.

Sugarcane out growers at Kakira sugar limited have annually demanded to be paid like other sugarcane factories pay out growers in vain.

However the new price is still below the price of sugar at the other facilities. Mayuge sugar limited and Sugar Allied limited pay out growers between Ugx 87,000 and Ugx 100,000 per ton of sugarcane supplied at the factories.

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