Tears as 15 Ugandan artists are denied UK visas

At least 15 renowned Ugandan musicians are shedding buckets of tears after they were denied Visas to the United Kingdom, where they were slated to perform at an event dubbed Summer Bash 2024, which was to be held on Saturday, July 6th, 2024, in London, at the  Royal Regency Hall.

Snoops reveal that the show has since been cancelled after the artistes failed to secure UK Visas from the British High Commission Visa Handling Agency TLS in Bukoto, along Kiira Road.

Some of the artistes who were denied Visas include; Lil Pazo, Khalifa Aganaga, Fik Gaza, Feffe Busi, Acidic Vocals, Karole Kasita and others.

Reports indicate that the event organisers, Global Talent Promotion, a company owned by Ugandan couple Fred and Beckie, were left financially paralysed since they had booked the venue and paid deposits to all the artistes.

It is said that the artists failed to get the visas after the UK Home Visa Decision Making Office assessed them and  discovered that they lacked relevant ties that could enable them to return to Uganda after their show in London

The ties that are considered by the Visa Decision Making Office in Sheffield, UK, include things like a stable family, properties to one’s name and financial capability evidenced by a recent bank statement, plus a flourishing music career in the Ugandan music industry.

Reports reveal that the organisers of the event are currently choking on debts after the show got cancelled because of the artistes being denied Visas.

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