Tension As Piglet is Dumped Near State House

Disgruntled youth believed to be members of jobless brotherhood have dumped a piglet near Nakasero State House.


The white piglet was dumped at a private plot few metres from the Eastern gate of Nakasero State House.

A local news website quoted Spokesperson of Special Forces Command Maj. Chris Magezi saying that; “the piglet was released from a private property near All Saints Church and not at any of our gates or inside State House as some people might be tempted to believe.”

“And that side of the church is unrestricted area and therefore people move freely. That fellow took advantage of that to make a story out of it,” he added.

In June 2014, two men managed to sneak into the tightly guarded parliament and dumped their two piglets.

The men, Robert Mayanja and Norman Tumuhimbise are members of the Jobless Brotherhood.

The protestors had painted the pigs in the colours of National Resistance Movement (NRM).

The piglets had slogans written on them MPs as corrupt including the word “MPigs”

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