The “Can You Praise” Talent Search Is Back With A Bang!

By Fab Mc

In partnership with Manifest TV, Zabuli Music Ministries presents season 2 of the “Can You Praise” talent search, which introduces participants to the core values of intentional Christian music ministry. Talented solo artists or music groups that can sing or rap are eligible to take part in the talent search competition.

As she addressed journalists today, Jalia Nasejje alias Zabuli, the brain behind the talent search, said, “Well, we did our first season in 2019, and we took a break from 2020 until almost the end of 2022. After season 1, we had to undergo so much learning on the job that we needed to reassess before we returned for another season. Even the person speaking had a lot of growing to do.

We needed time to grow, regroup, and then come back to do better. That’s why it’s going to be one of the greatest things that people get to be a part of because we planned and took the time to develop it; we are doing a talent search. Now because we are ready for the next challenge in growth and service as long as it prepares another artist to provide better service with their talents.”

In addition, Zabuli said that registration will start from 2nd January to 3rd February 2023 at Praise Cathedral Church, Ntinda opposite Hotel Eliana. She urged interested parties to register in time to be part of the competition.

During the session, I got to ask her a few questions that came to mind

Fab Mc: What is this talent thing all about?

Zabuli: I want to help every musically talented artist and minister in the Christian fraternity be mentored so that they can be able to serve better with their music. This is through being equipped with proper preparations, so they can deliver for God because they walk with purpose in all that they do.

Fab Mc: What are you looking for in this talent search? Who is eligible?

Zarbuli: Well, firstly, we’re looking for a Christian, secondly, someone who can sing or rap, either as a solo artist, a group, or a choir. For artists of any genre, you must be above the age of 18, but if you are younger than 18, you need the support of a guardian who will not only be responsible for you but will also nurture and maintain your growth beyond music.

Fab Mc: When is the grand finale?

Zabuli: It will happen in April 2023, on the 30th at Vive Church at The Oasis

Fab Mc: What is in store for the winner?

Zabuli: At least 10 million Ugandan shillings worth of cash prize money. Through mentorship classes like the ones ‘Can You Praise’ talent search offers young artists, there is a window for artists to be equipped with knowledge for international ministry and artistry in the music industry.

Click the link to register: Can You Praise Registration 2023

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