THE NAKED TRUTH! Why 24 Ministers Were Kicked Out Of Parliament

On Thursday last week the country went to polls to elect the president and members of parliament.

By the end of the whole exercise, several ministers [both in government and shadow cabinet] and members of parliament were massively floored.

The elections left over 20 ministers nursing political wounds.

In this briefing, we reveal untold secrets why these ministers lost their seats.


On January 18/2016, we broke a story indicating how defense minister Kiyonga was destined for a political loss in parliament unless the president’s office had made an extra effort to save him.

Kiyonga had turned this constituency into a limited company of sorts having represented it for about 35 years.

Defense Minister Crispus Kiyonga says the government is ready for talks with ADF
Defense Minister Crispus Kiyonga says the government is ready for talks with ADF

The same minister according to our intelligence sources in Kasese needed to work hard as a person if he was to return to parliament.

His major challenge was the fact that on the ground, government had done a lot but these achievements were in no way linked to government because there was no one to explain them on the ground.

In other words, Kiyonga was allegedly irregular on the ground and this left government’s projects pass without anyone connecting them to government among voters.

On top of that, Kiyonga had challenges of the youths and independents.

“There are many projects government has done but they are not linked with politics. Kiyonga needs to work hard if he is to retain his seat” our intelligence sources warned then.

The president himself had been to Kiyonga’s constituency two days before we ran that story.

On top of that, in his neighbouring Bukonzo east county, he was accused of allegedly backing an NRM flag bearer related to him whose victory in primaries was allegedly got out of manipulation.

Therefore, his loss in the general elections was inevitable. He was defeated by Godfrey Katushabe belonging to FDC.


The mavi ya kuku star has been the MP for Ruhinda county since the early days of NRM.

In other words, the constituency had turned into a personal property of sorts for him.


Kahinda was destined for a mega loss right from the start.

First of all, he lost in the NRM primaries to a prisoner Capt. Kahonda Donozio.

When he lost, he didn’t stomach the loss and he gave it a second shot running as an independent.

However, besides the NRM primaries’ loss, Kahinda had allegedly lost touch with his old pals in government mainly Amama Mbabazi who went directly to Ruhinda and de-campaigned him.

Otafiire also had issues with locals who accused him of turning parliament into his constituency instead of going back to them for consultations on what troubles them.

His woes were worsened when Museveni recently went to Ruhinda and introduced Kahonda to the people as the NRM flag bearer.

Since the constituency is for NRM, this was a mega blow to him.


The state minister for economic monitoring also saw the loss coming sooner than later.

We are sure he wasn’t surprised when he finally lost because all indications were that he was destined for a terrible loss for Rubanda West County.

Henry Banyenzaki
Henry Banyenzaki

On January 2/2016, president Museveni was in his constituency but the minister was nearly thumped by voters.

The minister was booed several times as the president looked on.

The voters didn’t allow him to make a speech to them peacefully.

His main accusations on the ground were that for the past 15 years he has represented this constituency, the voters claimed that he hadn’t done anything for them.

The voters were also allegedly biter with him because of a gang of youths which was associated to him yet it allegedly terrorized people after he lost NRM primaries.

His major shortcoming was allegedly when he brought a bank called Rubanda Rural development Bank which collected cash from people but managers disappeared leading to people losing their money. He also brought a health center called Banyenzaki memorial health center but even this one, according to info, is as good as a dead horse.


He has been state minister in charge of vice president’s office.

There is no doubt that this minister was destined for a terrible loss because he lost the NRM primaries yet his constituency is pre-dominantly NRM.

Nyanzi had been arrogantly standing in Busujju County and winning comfortably without printing posters.

However, this time round, things turned against him. Little is known about him politically.

The only thing about him is that he is one person who does weird things.

For example in the 8th parliament, he buried all his honours and prostrated before president Museveni at parliament parking yet it was heavily raining.

He did the same thing during an NRM caucus meeting at Nakasero but the president ordered him to stop his antics.

His antics however, finally landed him a ministerial appointment.

Surprisingly, when he was appointed, he assured parliament that he didn’t know his scope of work.

In other words, he said he was idle much as he is a minister.

We were told that because of such weird things and statements by him, the voters thought it wisely to change him.


The state minister for works and has been representing the people of Bugabula south.

He is the one who kicked out FDC strong woman Salaamu Musumba.

He lost in 2011 the NRM primaries and he stood as an independent.

When he won, Museveni appointed him to cabinet.

However, his loss this time was inevitable because of his constant wars with speaker Rebecca Kadaga who seems to be the kingmaker of Kamuli district.

Their feud became tough even when Museveni raided Kamuli for campaigns last December.

He was defeated by Henry Kibalya whom Kadaga backed.


The newly appointed minister for internal affairs represented Bukedea district for two terms.

She has made history for being appointed a minister but within two months, she lost the election even before warming up her cabinet seat.

Cool Akol, has been defeated by FDC-leaning woman Anita who among her pals, is referred to as ‘Senior Citizen’.

Her loss was seen coming because according to intelligence; she had become too weak on the ground.

Secondly, Akol, allegedly was a victim of fights in NRM whereby her own NRM people fought her.

In this league of enemies against her allegedly included a top businessman who owns a fleet of businesses and a posh hotel in Mbale and a senior army officer from Teso sub-region.


When Amama Mbabazi declared that he was going to stand for president, a legal battle ensued.

This was after he claimed that he was going to hold consultative meetings.

The police blocked him. He challenged now shifted to the attorney general in the names of Fred Ruhindi.

We were told that Ruhindi, being a ‘sober’ lawyer, he gave a legal interpretation that seemed to annoy some people who didn’t want Mbabazi to move.

Eventually, according to sources, Ruhindi’s political stand started attracting some questions.

It is therefore not surprising that he had to lose his seat because we were told that some radicals in NRM worked against him because of his alleged legal arrogance.

He has been the MP for Nakawa but he was defeated by FDC’s Micheal Kabaziruka with whom they have been contesting several times.


The state minister for northern Uganda didn’t lose because of poor performance.

She lost according to sources because of infighting among NRM honchos in Lango sub-region.

She has for example been at war with state minister Sam Engola who happens to be the NRM vice chairperson for northern region.

We were told that Engola had been backstabbing most of the NRM flag bearers in the region including Otengo.

The other issue is her decision to join NRM yet she had been a member of UPC which seems to be strong in Alebtong district.


The state minister for finance had to go. The reason was simple.

According to intelligence, Omach’s downfall was because he had failed to graduate from being a state minister to a full minister.

This angered his voters because they construed this to mean that he was not performing at national level to necessitate his elevation to a full ministerial post.

In fact, Omach the title of state minister had become part of Omach’s other names.

With this stagnation politically, his opponents went on the ground and de-campaigned him as a non-performer and therefore change was needed.

This is how he lost his Jonam county MP seat because his opponents claimed that the appointing authority wasn’t impressed with his performance in cabinet.


She has been the woman MP for Mayuge district.

Her loss had been lingering on her head for a long time.

For example in the 2010 NRM primaries, she nearly lost the game to the extent that she allegedly collapsed.

However, somehow, she managed to grab the flag after a long struggle.

In 2015 primaries, she again got the flag. However, on the ground, she had issues to answer.

First of all, she was accused of allegedly not performing. On top of that, among the locals, there is a salient claim accusing her of allegedly being knowledgeable about how a prominent sheikh Daktur Muwaya was butchered.

Though minister denied this several times, the allegation worked against her yet the late’s son called Omar Bongo is the LC5 chairman.


The leader of opposition had to go by all means.

First of all, his opponent was backed by the NRM secretary general Justine Kasule Lumumba.

We were told that the two big wigs in Bugiri [Lumumba and Wafula] have been nursing a silent war on who is superior to the other.

They both had lead cars and back-up cars by virtue of their offices.

Because Lumumba had to prove her worth in terms of mobilization, her prime target was Oguttu.

Secondly, Oguttu angered his voters when he started fighting fellow journalists the moment he assumed the office of LoP.

It should be remembered that Oguttu tried to table a motion in the parliamentary commission together with speaker Rebecca Kadaga to fire all senior reporters from parliament.

His people according to sources became angry with him because they saw him as a greedy person who didn’t want the population to report bad things about parliament.

We were also told that the NRM used this chemical to expose him as a corrupt person but wanted to cover himself up by chasing senior reporters from parliament in order to avoid accountability.

Other sources added that even his fellow MPs fought him after he accused them of having high sex libido to the extent of hooking parliamentary reporters; a charge he failed to substantiate.


He started being an MP as a youth legislator before turning Tororo County into a limited company of sorts.

He has been the shadow minister for finance.

He is remembered for doing only weird things in parliament.

To begin with, he is the man who asked people to defecate on the road in show of anger against president Museveni’s alleged refusal to grant them a district status.

He didn’t stop at that but went ahead to stage a man eating a rat to express anger towards the president over the same matter.

Ekanya again brought the same comedy to parliament recently when he tried to hang himself on the floor of parliament.

Though he did all these, sources assured us that the voters got tired of him because of these empty promises to bring them a district.

His woes were worsened when Museveni went to Tororo County south and told the locals that they are failing to achieve their demands because Ekanya is one of the sleepy MPs who don’t inform him of the issues affecting people on the ground. This is the reason he had to go.


The woman MP for Serere was supposed to go.

First of all, she had wars from within her own party, FDC.

The camp of Kizza Besigye which comprised of Nandala Mafabi was hitting her badly.

Secondly, the NRM also had laid a terrible ambush on her through Dr. Adoa Hellen.

Museveni went to Serere and asked the people that Alaso wasn’t doing anything good for them.

He also asked them to send him someone who would follow up on the NRM promises he made.

The voters got convinced and had to send Alaso packing.

Other sources added that Alaso having been the chairperson of Public Accounts Committee, she squeezed many goons and she refused to compromise. We were told the goons also didn’t sit and used this chance to see her off politically.


The woman MP for Kaliro district had no choice but to go back home.

She was defeated by her main opponent Mbeiza Margret Kisira.

Her loss was seen coming because her district was the worst performing in terms of mobilization when the president raided it.

Museveni was in Kaliro on December 24/2015 but the people who turned up for his rally were few compared to the rest of other places.

We were also told that since she is a minister, it was her own government that failed the chances of their son prince Columbus Wambuzi from becoming the Kyabazinga of Busoga.

The voters accused her of not doing anything when their opportunity was being washed away to Kamuli district.


The state minister for local government also represented the people of Maracha.

First of all, he has fights within NRM. He also had a bitter biff with FDC man Kassiano Wadri who represented the people of Terego County.

Terego and Maracha used to belong to Arua but when government granted both counties a district status; they failed to agree on the headquarters of the new district.

Eventually, because Onzima had defected to NRM though was still in FDC, government granted his county a district.

This biff continued to linger on up to now.

We were told that the two rivals instead of concentrating on their victories, they started fighting each other.

At the end of the day, they both lost.


Commonly known as ‘the man’, Lukyamuzi has been the shadow minister for environment.

He has been the MP for Lubaga south but he was defeated by DP’s comedian Kato Lubwaama.

Lukyamuzi’s support had dwindled in Lubaga to the extent that every time he called for rallies, only children turned up.

Secondly, he allegedly took people for granted after talking to them in ‘Ludicia’, a language style that was regarded as old fashioned and not-serious.

Thirdly, Lukyamuzi was allegedly not helping people who were being threatened all the time with eviction courtesy of Jennifer Musisi’s KCCA.

Sources added that Lukyamuzi also had to go because this seat used to belong to DP before he came when DP boycotted elections in 1996.

This therefore meant that he was keeping a borrowed seat.

On top of that, CP also fought him because he went against the party’s decision to ally with Amama Mbabazi not Kizza Besigye.

Others losers were Jack Sabiiti, Amuriat Oboi, John Ssimbwa, Sebuliba Mutumba, Micheal Werikhe among others.

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