The Painful Story of Twins with No Anus

The Painful Story of Twins with No Anus

It took me 2 weeks to realize that one of my twins was born without an anus, the organ used in passing out excreta from the human body, says Selly Auma 30,the mother of Adigo twins.

I produced the twins on 8/6/2014 normally at Adigo health centre, located in Loro Sub County, Oyam district, Northern Uganda but on the other hand one of them Acen Winnie who is now aged 2years and 4months, failed to excrete, then I discovered that her anus was blocked, neither could she urinate.

I became stranded and did not know what to do at that material time.

I later took her to Lacor Hospital and Dr. Okidi named the condition as Inferforated Anus Recto vaginal Fistula.

He described it as no anal opening with stool coming out from a lesion on the posterior vaginal wall.

After he operated on her another Dr. Farang provided her with colostomy bag and urged for utmost care.

We spent 2 weeks in admission at the hospital and was discharged but repeatedly kept on returning to the hospital in Gulu.

From Oyam district to Gulu the distance is nearly 100Km away from my village to the hospital.

From June Oct 2014 after birth and January 2015 until now I have failed to raise some money for medicine, transport and some food.

I was waiting for my harvest from soya beans still maturing in the garden to sell so as to afford some money for my return to medical checkup or another operation at the hospital.

Right now I have jumped one instruction by failing to return for a checkup in the hospital as required by the Doctor.

Acen Winnie
Acen Winnie


But if anybody could help me afford the money so much the better because I could save her life by returning to hospital.

It is very difficult to care for her due to fear of tetanus which might infect her wounds.

I nurse her wounds all the time and every day.

Enters Farther

The farther of the wins is Okello Bonny, a peasant farmer, says that Dr. Okidi of Lacor hospital in Gulu has recommended another operation when she weighs10kgs.

But I have weighed her and she is between 7-10kgs so that she could be reworked on.

He said this condition was described as an octal anal formation vestibular anal passage of stool from vagina with no anal opening.

I manage to see the medical forms but could not find Dr. Okidi in person, because I could not reach Gulu easily from Oyam.

She was born together with Opio Innocent, her twin brother but he is doing fairly well and bigger than her.

I first went to Pope John Paul’s hospital Aber located in Oyam district where medical report showed referral to Gulu for better management because they failed to mange this baby’s case.

She was first operated by an Indian Doctor. But they want her to weigh 10kgs so as to conduct another operation again.

‘I was supposed to return her to the hospital but lacked some money and other costs.

She was supposed to be returned on 5th Jan 2015.I remember I borrowed some money worth Shs980000. But this sum of money helped me a little but the wounds of my daughter have not yet cured. It needs another money and another operation.

I think the total sum of money needed is about Shs5000000 in order to return her to hospital for more than three times.

I was told it could last 3-5 years to heal or normalize.

Many people said that I should abandon this child but I told them I can’t abandon my own kid as such.

I need to treat her so that she becomes a normal person as others do.

I can’t ‘reject her because it is God’s creation.

I don’t know how this thing came about’

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