THE TRUTH! Why M7 Called Off NRM Delegates’ Conference

The much anticipated NRM delegates’ conference is in balance after sources told us of a plan to call it off this year.


Already, the NRM party SG Justine Kasule Lumumba on Thursday issued a statement calling off the meeting citing what she called ‘unavoidable’ circumstances.

The national conference was due to meet on October 2 but it has been suspended indefinitely.


For some time now, sources told us that president Museveni has been under pressure by some party honchos to reorganize the party.

The reorganization according to our sources is premised on the fear that some of the party supporters have been fished out by former Prime Minister Amama Mbabazi but are still hiding themselves.

Their alleged calculation is to attend the delegates’ conference so that pro-Go forward moles get party positions.

According to the plan, those pro-Go Forward bosses are supposed to announce their defection after presidential nominations in order to disorganize Museveni at last minute.

As a result, the NRM historicals are mounting pressure on the party chairman not to call for the delegates’ conference now until after the 2016 general elections. This is meant to achieve two things.

One is that, those backing Mbabazi will now come out publicly and support him during campaigns.

This will help the party to know who is still with Museveni’s NRM and Mbabazi’s Go Forward NRM.

Secondly, by delaying the conference, this will help in denying Mbabazi support by coward NRM big wigs who would want to retain their top party positions in NRM mainly those who sit in NEC and CEC.

Our insiders told us that in order to achieve this; the president was allegedly told to find ways of talking out some of the aspirants seeking to represent regions of NRM so that the conference can be delayed.

This is meant to reduce on pressure by aspirants for top positions to have the meeting called.

Sources explained that this is the reason he [Museveni] has of recent been on the fore front struggling to convince most of the aspirants for vice chairpersons of NRM to step down in favor of his comrades.

He started by convincing those standing against NRM vice chairman Moses Kigongo to stand down for him making Kigongo a sole candidate.

The same went to Rebecca Kadaga [2nd vice national vice chairperson] and most recently [last week], he asked both Maj. Gen. Severino Kahinda Otafiire and son in law Odrek Rwabogo to also back off the position of NRM vice chairperson for western Uganda, leaving it to Maj. Gen. Matayo Kyaligonza.

On top of these positions, the president through the 2014 delegates’ conference sorted the issue of the four top party positions including Secretary General, Deputy, National Treasurer and deputy by appointing Lumumba, Todwong, Namayanja and Omona in those juicy positions which formerly were elective and SG belonged to Mbabazi.

On top of this, he [Museveni] has already been declared sole candidate for the party chairman and presidential flag bearer.

“Therefore, if all the crucial positions in the party have been resolved on, you cannot waste shs7bn to call for a delegates’ conference merely because of five people [vice chairman north, Karamoja, eastern, Kampala and Buganda]. The basic positions have been filled; meaning that the rest can wait even after four years. This is why, the conference is most likely not to take place soon,” insiders told us.

Our sources added that the NRM strategists are also advising the president to sort the issue of vice chairpersons for remaining regions.

In the north for example where Hillary Onek is battling with deputy speaker Jacob Oulanya, Sam Engola and Moses Ali, the president is being advised to sweet talk three of them so that one candidate comes unopposed.

The same will go to other regions in the due course and where possible, those who stand down will be appointed in next cabinet or be given cash to quit the race.

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