Three Killed In Tororo Shoot Out

Egalu's headless body

Three people including a police officer were yesterday killed during a shootout as they attempted to arrest a suspected mobile phone thief in Nyamalogo, Nabuyoga Sub County in Tororo District

Egalu's headless body
Egalu’s headless body

Police officers from Nabuyoga police station in an operation led by the in charge Stephen Osilo raided the home of a suspected mobile phone thief Tobiaz Oyuki

Eye Witnesses say, Oyuki was resisting arrest forcing Owino Odaka, the village LC1 defense secretary to force his way into the suspect’s house initially to convince him to peacefully surrender to the police.

The source states that when the suspect vehemently refused to surrender, Boaz Obosa, a police officer on standby fired into the house killing the two instantly.

He was reportedly acting on an order from his boss, Stephen Osilo, the in charge of Nabuyoga police station.

Residents pull Egalu and Odaka's bodies from the ill fated house
Residents pull Egalu and Odaka’s bodies from the ill fated house

Samuel Musisi, the Malaba region deputy police spokesperson, said the death of the two forced the mob to disarm Francis Egalu, another police officer on operation before chopping off his head in retaliation for the death of their area LC1 defense secretary.

He said as the mob was lynching Egalu, Boaz and Osilo escaped.

The deputy RPC revealed that both Osilo and Boaz are currently held at Tororo central police station on murder charges under the CRB/12/04/2014.

He however said the police later recovered the gun but the magazine containing rounds of ammunition were still missing.

Musisi has on the other hand condemned both the acts and the public saying that the public should not take the law into their hands but should instead co-operate with the police in all situations other than turning violent.

He also explained that the bodies have been taken to Tororo general hospital for post-mortem as investigations into the matter is ongoing to establish the cause of the shootings.

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