TIME TO EAT! Edna enters EALA top job race




As the race for East African Legislative Assembly (EALA) heats up, Gulu’s Edna Ayero is the new entrant. Whereas some of her associates from Northern region feel she is not an EALA Mp material, her friends feel her affiliate party National Resistance Movement (NRM) should pick her.

“What new or even old idea can Ayero take to EALA? Why are we taking the powerful assembly for a joke in the caliber of Edna? Yes! It is good to support ‘our own’ but our own must have substance, one who is upright in mind and action, not every ‘ngerec’,” one of the concerned associates ranted. Some of her friends have—unwittingly and some with sinister motives—even gone an extra mile of romantically linking her to some top NRM honchos (whereas not true) for purposes of selling her candidature.

News in the corridors of power indicates that she has a backing of some individuals who are reportedly ready to bankroll her and these include: a one Sam, a former environment officer for Gulu Municipality; BoU’s Stephen Magala; a one Ayoro, a businessman in Gulu; Ben P’Okot Aleny, Manager Orient Bank; a one Dani, who works at customs officer among others. Secrets nobody told you about Edna and these would be funders will be revealed in our subsequent publications.


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