Toniks Turns Into Kenzo’s ‘Billboard’

Toniks(M) putting on a Kenzo Branded jumper

Singer and Airtel Trace music star flop Allan Ampaire famously known as Toniks has successfully become Kenzo’s biggest fan and ‘billboard’.

Toniks(M) putting on a Kenzo Branded jumper
Toniks(M) putting on a Kenzo Branded sweater

On Sunday night at the inspiring women concert held at Kati Kati grounds, Toniks appeared in a sweater with a Kenzo label, as if he was his advertising board.

Appearing before the crowd in the Kenzo Branded sweater, fans were left in shock on how a musician could go that low to become another’s board.

He was spotted in company of the fashion guru Ahumuza Brian of Abraynz collection and another friend who looked astonished by either a hot babe or one’s new phone.

Toniks was the first to perform among well known artists as he sang his major hits like Mulamwa and Itaano.

After freely putting on the Kenzo branded sweater, snoops concluded that Kenzo may be the biggest inspiration to singer Toniks.

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