Too Much Live Sex Killing the Economy – Muhakanizi

Too Much Live Sex Killing the Economy – Muhakanizi

By Prisca Wanyenya

The Secretary to the Treasury, Keith Muhakanizi has said Ugandans who engage in too much live sex and produce many children are killing the economy.

Muhakanizi made the revelation yesterday while appearing before the Parliamentary Committee on Public Service and Local Government.

“The second fundamental problem in Africa is what we do at night. You are manufacturing too many children that you have gone beyond the capacity of the economy’s growth,” Muhakanizi said.

The Treasury boss had been summoned to Parliament to respond to issues raised by District bosses, who blamed the Ministry of Finance for failing to release funds on time, as well as failure to release monies for salaries, which explains the understaffing.

Muhakanizi fired back at the district bosses saying, many of them are simply sleeping on their jobs arguing that he won’t commit resources of the country to unproductive avenues.

The Secretary to the Treasury also blamed the political wing for the messy economy, saying they ignored his caution against creation of new districts and increasing the size of Parliament.

He explained that Ugandans will soon carry guns to attack Bank of Uganda, if the economic situation is left to escalate.

“You can’t budget 100% because the political system doesn’t listen to us. The more you create districts ahead of budget, you will face this. We are going to see people in Government coming with their guns like it was in 1970. There is shortage of funds because we are over committed,” Muhakanizi said.

He also added; “Every night they are manufacturing districts and Municipalities, they are moving in the same speed as they are manufacturing children. The macro wage has increased faster than any country I know, but my per-capita pay has not increase.”

Muhakanizi had appeared together with other Permanent Secretaries of Ministry of Public Service, Energy, Local Government, Education, and Health among others.

Reagan Okumu, the Aswa County MP tasked the Permanent secretary of Ministry of Public Service, Catherine Musingwirwe to explain why Chief Administrative Officers (CAOs), Head teachers have formed associations and using public funds to run their private businesses.

Okumu, who also doubles as the Chairperson of Local Government Committee demanded to have these associations disbanded arguing that the people behind them are using them as avenues to swindle public funds.

He cited an example of Head teachers who are using UPE funds, and banking the monies into private accounts.

However, Musingwirwe backed the Associations, saying they are legal and allowed by Public Service.

Okumu further asked her if these are provided for in the Standing Orders, to which she replied no.

“You can’t run Government by association. Unless you are saying Government isn’t in charge to oversee the public servants. This touches on public fund.” Okumu said.

Muhakaniz backed the MPs arguing that what the district bosses are doing is illegal. “It is an illegality that needs to have action. I don’t remember Parliament approving budget for associations. It isn’t a mischarge, it is an illegality.”

Left with no choice, Musingwire told MPs that the Ministry of Public Service had disbanded the associations stating; “The associations in their current form will be stopped because they are infringing on Government resources.”

The MPs also threw jab at what they called the incompetent CAOs and asked Public Service to review the criteria they have been using to hire these officials.

“Some of the CAOs are wanting. At that level, you even wonder how this became a CAO! Some of them are completely ignorant, not in charge and lack capacity. Where do you get these people from?” Okumu inquired.


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