Top 10 Richest Companies in Uganda

Powerful corporates are in the news all the time. We keep hearing news about
tech giants like Microsoft and Google. Uganda too has some rich companies,
and individuals. There are more people who like to play online with a Supabets
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, a testimony to Uganda’s growing economy.
In this article, I will be listing out the top 10 richest companies in Uganda.
At No.10 comes Umeme Limited. It is the largest energy distributor in Uganda,
accounting for almost 97% of the country’s supply of electricity. The
company’s estimated assets are worth UGX 1.775 trillion and shares worth
UGX 503.8 trillion. The company’s taxes are worth Shs 66,307,152,305.
At No.9 comes Kakira Sugar Limited, which produces more than 165,000
tonnes of sugar per year, accounting for nearly 47% of the sugar supply in
Uganda. This company also sells sugar to countries like Tanzania, Kenya, and several others. The tax revenue for this company is worth Shs 70,620,565,962.
At No.8 is Bujagali Energy Limited which is owned by the Bujagali Industrial
Power Company Limited. The company was started in 2004, and it owns the largest hydropower plant in Uganda, the Bujagali Power Station. The tax revenue for this company is worth Shs 74,975,273,650.
At No.7 is Century Bottling Co Ltd which is owned by CocaCola Sabco since

  1. The company is the authorized bottler and distributor of CocaCola products in Uganda such as Coke, Fanta and several others. The tax revenue for this company is worth Shs 78,879,404,573.
    At No.6 is Tororo Cement which is the largest producer of cement in Uganda providing employment to around 8000 people. This company was established in
    1952 by the British as Uganda Cement Industries. The company’s tax value is Shs 82,252,203,594.
    Stanbic Bank is at No.5. It is the largest commercial bank in Uganda with assets more than UGX 5.4 trillion. The company makes more than UGX 200
    billion in revenue. Stanbic Africa owns the company. The company’s tax value
    is Shs 202,380,424,473.
    At No.4 is Uganda Breweries Ltd which is a subsidiary of East African
    Breweries Ltd (EABL). EAB owns 92.8% of Uganda Breweries Ltd. The company distributes Waragi, Bel Lager, Tusker and several others. The tax revenue is a staggering Shs 131,009,008,978.

At No.3 we have Airtel Uganda Limited which is owned by the Indian parent company Bharti Airtel Limited. The company has made it to the top through several acquisitions. The tax revenue is worth Shs 155,141,126,696.
At No.2 is the largest brewing company in Uganda, the Nile Breweries Limited.
The market share of beer for this company is a staggering 59%. SABMiller owns this company. The tax revenue is a staggering Shs 197,934,390,207.
And finally, at No.1 we have MTN Uganda Limited, which is a telecom company and entered Uganda in 1998. The tax revenue for this company is a mammoth Shs 458,706,552,944. In the year 2017, this company had as many as 11,578,207 subscribers.
That ends the list of the top ten richest companies in Uganda.

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