Word reaching us is that Ali Mozza, the ex-husband to Betty Bulamba, a once-popular city socialite, is set to remarry next month. We have learnt that Mozza is secretly planning to wed a new babe this month.

Our Snoops reveal that Betty, who was once a married woman, allegedly fled her marital home after her hubby Mozza, discovered that she was very close to a babe identified as Teddy Apio.

Mozza’s pals reveal that by the time he realized that Betty and Apio had been having an affair behind his back, the two babes had been intimately involved for several months. It is said that Betty started getting close to fellow girls while she was still at high school. The family only learnt about it after she split with Mozza.

They later planned to involve authorities to make sure she is arrested because their family was being ridiculed by other people in the community. When her marriage collapsed, the family and the community chased her from Ntebetebe Zone, Bweyogerere where she was living because they feared that she would spread her weird behaviour to other young girls in the neighbourhood. 

Around 2014, she sneaked home but some members of the community wanted to lynch her. She, however, escaped and fled into hiding. She is suspected to be hiding in one of the East African countries or Europe.

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