Top University boss on spot for employing 107 relatives

The Inspector General of Government is investigating the rot at a top university in Uganda.

Issues at hand include failure to remit pay as you earn (paye) to URA, failure to remit NSSF of staff, irregular payment of responsibility allowance, refusal to respect lawful directives of the president on recruitments, victimization of members of management, refusal to pay tuition for staff on PhD studies, irregular creation of new departments and faculties and appointment of heads and campus directors who do not qualify, tuition not paid to URA but to individual staff accounts, stealing of varsity property, and operating expenditure accounts in the dean of students office.

Among other areas of interest is the irregular recruitment of staff orchestrated by a former top boss.

During this ex-official’s era, some academic staff were reportedly recruited into teaching even when they still had retakes and had not completed their Bachelor’s degrees.

A case in point is Mr. Robinson Ogwang Apunyu, a former Guild President, who had a retake (failed) in Accounting II but was recruited as a Teaching Assistant, and moreover, with a Second-Class Lower degree.

Further, most of the over 400 staff who were recruited never went through Management Committee Meetings and without budget approvals.

Some were recruited without even applying for the jobs.

“They were called to pick appointment letters and then asked to write and back date their job applications,” a whistleblower alleges in a report to IGG.

In the grand scheme of things, of those illegally recruited, over 107 are this fired boss’ children, relatives, mistresses and in-laws.

“This has increased the wage bill deficit from Shs. 3 billion to over Shs. 25 billion currently. Because of this, many staff are underpaid outside the established salary structure issued by the PS, Ministry of Public Service,” the whistleblower report adds.

Below is the list:

Names of relatives b

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