TOTAL LOSS! KCCA to return confiscated vendors’ items

KCCA enforcement officials aboard a vehicle with confiscated vendors’ merchandise
By our reporter
Kampala Capital City Authority has revealed plans to start returning all goods it confiscated from street vendors during the recent decongestion exercise manned by both Police and Army.
The revelation was made by Caleb Mugisha, Acting Director Legal while appearing before the Human Rights Committee of Parliament, to respond to allegations of human rights violation committed by KCCA enforcement officers against residents operating within the city.
“Every item we confiscate from our streets, the owners are supposed to come to KCCA in the Legal Department and ask in writing asking us to return their merchandise. There is nothing we ask from you, all you need is to write and show proof of ownership of the merchandise and we return them,” said Mugisha.
He however, said the decision to return the confiscated merchandise depends on the circumstances during arrest, because there are some who are repeated offenders and for such cases, suspects are taken to court and it is the court that decides whether KCCA returns the merchandise or has the items auctioned.
Rose Obiga (DWR Terego) tasked KCCA to explain what happens to the items confiscated and yet they are perishable in nature.
“There are lots of vegetables, how do you return them? Those are perishables and we see your boys stepping in people’s things, jumping into basins, you pour others in the vehicles total chaos,” said Oniga.
Mugisha replied saying: “Perishables ordinarily it becomes hard as you said to return them to the owners because they go bad. Those ones most times are ordered destroyed by court and are taken to the landfill and disposed off accordingly.”
David Luyimbazi, Deputy Executive Director KCCA said that all the confiscated items are kept in a KCCA owned store in Nakawa.
He also added that during these operations, KCCA has registered cases where its enforcement officers are routinely violently injured by rowdy crowds citing a case of Bashir Bugembe who was badly beaten and is still hospitalized to date.
Luyimbazi cited a case in March 2021 where Uganda Human Rights Commission informed the Authority that one woman Kofia Hawa Nassanga accused KCCA enforcement arrested her, undressed and took her pictures, but upon investigation, KCCA claims the women of stripping herself to incite the public against KCCA.


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