Trade Minister clarifies fate of arcades in COVID-19 lockdown lift as Malls open June 4

Trade Minister, Amelia Kyambadde

Trade Minister, Amelia Kyambadde

KAMPALA — Traders and the general public has, in the past 48 hours, lingers in unclarity after President Museveni permitted the opening of business and intriguing shopping mall come June 4.

Trade Minister Amelia Kyambadde has, on Wednesday, June 3, clarified on the difference between malls and arcades in addition to justifying the rationale for opening the former over the latter.

The minister has since explained in detail ahead of the much awaited reopening to clear the countrywide confusion.

“Malls have ample parking space, while arcades are congested and lack convenient parking space. Malls have two major entrances and one emergency exit, but arcades have multiple entries and exits,”Kyambadde explained in the statement.

She added: “The malls have spacious outlets of over 40Sqm with at least one occupant per outlet, while arcades are relatively smaller like at 20sqm with multiple occupants.”

Whereas it is easy to control traffic within malls, the Minister add, it is on the other hands difficult to do so within arcades due to their crowded nature

She said Malls mostly have facilities that offer essential services, like; banking, pharmacies, supermarkets, and sometimes office space, arcades are strictly for general merchandise.

The minister named facilities that qualify in the malls category including Acacia, Village Mall, Imperial Mall, Metroplex Mall, Oasis, Garden City, Kingdom Kampala, Shoprite Lugogo, Victorial Mall and Marigold Mall in Ntinda.

While some of the arcades she Kyambadde named include Nabukeera, Nalubwama, Kizito, Ggaliraya, Mutaasa Kafeero, Energy Centre, Qualicel and Arua park as arcades.

“General merchandise shops outside malls and arcades can open for operation as well, provided they consider the provided standard operating procedures,” the minister said.

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This means all traders downtown Kampala are still on lockdown.

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