Trigger Happy Soldier Jailed For 15 Years

The fourth division court martial sitting in Gulu has convicted a UPDF soldier found guilty of killing a civilian to jail for 15-years.

The court Martial sitting at Opit primary school
The court Martial sitting at Opit primary school

Col Olanya Ojara, the fourth division court martial chairman found Private Alfred Drani guilty of shooting Robert Bongonyinge to death early this year in Odek Sub County in Gulu district.

Prosecution led by Lt Francis Owiny, told court that while at a drinking joint in Opti trading center sometime in February this year, Drani shot Bongonyinge dead and injured four other people.

According to the charge sheet, the deceased was hit on the head, neck and thighs leading to his death.  In his ruling, Col Olanya Ojara, the fourth division court martial chairman said prosecution had proved its case against the accused and therefore convicted him to 15 years in jail.

Ojara said Drani erred when he turned his gun against the people he should be protecting. Lt Wilson Agaba, the Fourth Division spokesperson welcomed the ruling saying UPDF doesn’t condone any indiscipline in the force.

He said Drani should have reported to his superiors in case they had disagreements with the deceased. But Peter Ogwang, a brother to the deceased is dissatisfied with the ruling saying it is not commensurate with the crime. He says Drani should have been jailed for life considering what he did.

Patrick Otika, the LC III chairperson Lakwana Sub County says despite the fact that Drani has been convicted those who were injured have not been accorded any form of support.

He said the gunshot victims are still nursing their injuries adding that, the army should consider giving them a moderate compensation.

Last year, the same court martial convicted a soldier to 99 years in prison for killing his eleven months old child and packing his remains in a sack.

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