TROUBLE! Barbie, Bobi On Verge Of Split

THIS COULD probably turn out to be the shocking news of the year. Info coming in is that Ghetto gladiator Bobi Wine real names Robert Kyagulanyi Ssentamu is on the verge of a bitter split with wife, Barbara Itungo aka Barbie. The couple’s talking terms are said to be hanging on a thread according to close family insiders. Apparently, Barbie is not happy with a number of things among others is the fact that Bobi is close to so many females.

Genesis Of The Split

Info coming in reveals that Barbie accuses the ‘Tugambire Ku Jennifer’ star singer of being close to a certain chic coming from Mityana. On top of that, she gets lots of info that Bobi is being tracked by several other city babes – a thing that is making her run wild with bad thoughts.

“She is really starting to get sad” a pal revealed. However, what broke the camels back is the rumour moving around town peddled by some chic who claims to be carrying Bobi’s kid. “She has heard rumours that some chic who is worryingly close to Bobi is preggars. ” Barbie’s said. Apparently, the pair has of late been holding peace talks at their Magere Gayaza based mansion to iron out their differences.

Whether it is true or not that Bobi is connected to this mysterious chic, snoops could hardly confirm it by press time since both Barbie and Bobi couldn’t pick up their known mobile numbers. Meanwhile, some city pundits attribute the split rumour to just a mere stunt to look for sympathy from his fans as Bobi looks foward to sell his much awaited ‘Tugambire Ku Jennifer’ concert slated for November. “Artistes are always looking for a way to sell their album  launches. So it’s more likely that it’s just a hoax. Though there is no smoke without fire” a top city promoter commented.

Case Of History Being Repeated

It should be noted that the celebrity couple a few years back almost split after Bobi had a kid with another chic. This is after a UK based chic identified as Safina Namubiru revealed the Ghetto President had fathered a baby boy with her. Barbie at the time stood by her man’s side and the couple resolved their differences. She even encouraged him to bring the boy home to grow up with his brothers and sisters. Currently, the couple is living with him. Watch this space for more details!

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10 thoughts on “TROUBLE! Barbie, Bobi On Verge Of Split

  1. barbie u very well know what kind of aman u got married to , and the work he does, so stick to him and make ur relationship work nomatter what.

  2. ahhhhhhhhhhhhha babie that is the kiyungu nantume gal was singin abt so be strong n do wat is right naye mama eeheh ha mama nyabo marriage r/ships olso
    i do agree with hanny by the way

  3. BOBI+ BARBIE =Happiness for both of them,


    Misunderstanding POSSIBLE, splitting IMPOSSIBLE

    These two are loving, sooo much…Barbie cant spend two days without seeing Bobi, neither Bobi can.. ….I think their love is beyond a husband and a wife…they are twins….. You cant separate them…they are like fish and water….yes fish can survive for only 3 hours out of water.

    If it happens…..Uganda will host world cup.

    Mu Rwanda Turabakunda cyane wowe Bobi and Barbie, imana ikomeze ibarinde turabasengera.

  4. True love cant be free from these issues.But the president can sort out his reminds him of his track (MWESOTINGE)

  5. in this world ,no one can ever invite troubles,they come any time they want and never laugh when some one has landed into problems because they may soon come your way let bobi wine find a way of fighting his own troubles the same way Bebe Cool solved his-this world is a weighing scale so we tell who is a man by the way he handles his own problems(refer to Bebe cool’s song “eno minzaani”)

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