Tumwebaze Asks Court To Dismiss Lukwago Application

No nonsense Kampala Minister Frank Tumwebaze.

No nonsense Kampala Minister Frank Tumwebaze.
No nonsense Kampala Minister Frank Tumwebaze.

The minister in charge of Kampala Frank Tumwebaze has asked the High Court in Kampala to dismiss Erias Lukwago application for a judicial review of the Catherine Bamugemereire tribunal report. Tumwebaze says the application has been overtaken by events.

The request by the minister is contained in his defense to Lukwago’s application for judicial review in which he is seeking to quash the Kampala Capital City Authority Tribunal Report that led to his controversial impeachment late last year.

The hearing of Lukwago’s substantive application for judicial review is scheduled for  Wednesday January 15, 2014 before Justice Yasin Nyanzi.

Tumwebaze also brands Lukwago’s application as ‘bad in law’, ‘premature’ and frivolous. He adds that it also raises no relevant grounds for grant of remedies that he is seeking.

“The application has been overtaken by events since the applicant was dully removed from office on November 25 2013. I have been also advised by my counsel that the process to remove the applicant as the Lord Mayor was valid,” he adds in his affidavit.

According to court records, the removal of Lukwago from office of Lord Mayor was dully communicated to him on the December 9 last year sent to him by a mail and logistics services provider DHL.

However, Justice Nyanzi has since come out to say that the interim injunction given by Deputy Registrar Fred Waninda on his orders still stands until this very application is heard and determined.

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3 thoughts on “Tumwebaze Asks Court To Dismiss Lukwago Application

  1. Frank don’t worry this was a marathon not a sprint. Do you realize it was the same judge who issued the interim injunction. We go by the law not by what Frank and his fellow crooks think.

    1. Ziri your oppinion is fine, your only problem is to abuse the other. there is nothing wrong in Tumwebaze asking the court to dismiss the application. if the court jugdes his request illegal, he will dismiss it. I am only suggesting that you let people give their oppinion without abusing them. would you be happy is somebody called you a crook yet you are entitled to your oppinion in a free and just world!

  2. The Problem in Uganda with Political Leaders and their President do deceive themselves that their words are always correct wherever they pass over their mouth.Frank Tumwebaze talks because Museveni is alive and after death he shall be heard no more.

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