TVO’s Identity Finally Unmasked

TVO’s Identity Finally Unmasked

The identity of the controversial TVO (Tom Voltaire Okwalinga) has been finally revealed after a long period of covert investigations.

The identity has been exposed by the Veteran journalist and Independent Magazine proprietor, Andrew M. Mwenda on his facebook page.

Tom Voltaire Okwalinga, the social media mystery has given Museveni’s government sleepless nights because of the stinging posts shared on Facebook.

According to Mwenda, TVO is a facebook account that is run by 3 extremist supporters of FDC’s Dr. Kizza Besigye.

They are;

Robert Shaka who lives in Kampala, Uganda; Abbey Semuwemba, who lives in UK, and Henry Lugasira who lives Canada.

Mwenda noted that these have been helped by a certain lady he declined to mention.

He threatened to publish their hacked facebook profiles including whom they communicate with.

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