Tycoon’s Wife In Trouble Over Self-exiled Hubby

WANTED; Maria Naddunga with her hubby Geofrey before he fled to US recently

WANTED; Maria Naddunga with her hubby Geofrey before he fled to US recently
WANTED; Maria Namuga with her hubby Geofrey before he fled to US recently

Police in Kampala are hunting for Maria Namuga, a wife to a top city tycoon only identified as Godfrey who fled to the United States of America under unclear circumstances.

Some reports allege that Godfrey fled the country after evading a triple tax charge which was allegedly imposed to him by the tax body.

Namuga was wanted by Police to provide information about the whereabouts of her hubby but she also fled. Police sources said that Namuga was unearthed from her hideout by two detectives (names withheld for security reasons) last week following a tip off from the locals who spotted her as she was going to fetch water few weeks ago.

Sources intimated to us that she had just been in the country only a few weeks after arriving from Kenya where she had secretly taken asylum to dodge the Ugandan authorities who wanted to interrogate her about the husband’s disappearance from the country.

Shockingly, Namuga after arrest allegedly escaped from Police custody two days ago and since then, a manhunt for her kicked off. The police officer only identified as Kasozi in whose custody she escaped has also been terminated and arrested pending further investigation, a source said.

“Anyone who knows the whereabouts of this suspect is asked to inform a nearby police station or local’s authorities,” a senior police cop was overheard stating.

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  1. A City tycoon running to seek asylum to the US?? just for tax evasions??, their is more to this ………Now why haunt the wife???, something doen’t add up well in this story.

  2. Tax?!! I cannot help the government to collect taxes which will end up in one persons account! Anyway, this is the first time i have heard someone fleeing from a country coz of tax, then go for his wife?! WHo is a dummy here?

  3. ….he has gone to look for greener pasture. Life is hard these days. I am sure someone must have fleeced him and he cannot have his money back.

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