UCU Sex Tape: University Speaks Out

Uganda Christian University has come out for the first time and issued a response to the sex tape involving two of the university’s students that has been circulating on the internet.


Below is the full statement


On behalf of the UCU community and our publics, we regret that our students were involved in a sex tape that was released on social media and whose resulting story was published in The Red Pepper newspaper among other media. We do want to point out that the circulating stories are not accurate.

The True Story:
The two male students featured in the video are indeed UCU students but the lady is not. However, contrary to reports in most media, the video was not filmed at the hostel where the students currently reside; it was filmed over a year ago at a location outside of Mukono. The film was only recently leaked onto social media and went viral in the last few days. Of course, with rewards promised from tabloids, it is not surprising that so many have come forward to further fan the flames of this debacle.

Our Action:
UCU has a Student Code of Conduct distributed to every student that enters the university. According to the Code of Conduct, the students have brought UCU into disrepute. Therefore, the two students involved will face the Student disciplinary committee. We also provide counselling services not only to address the students’ actions but to address the consequences that they are experiencing.

Our View:
Obviously, UCU does not in any way encourage or support sexual activity among unmarried students or the creation of sexually explicit material, i.e. pornographic videos. However, as a Christian University it is not only our responsibility to admonish these students but to also counsel them and help them put their lives on the right track.

We beseech not only our students but all students at all universities and all youth in general to refrain from sexual activity; especially sexually deviant activity. It negatively impacts your emotional, socially and spiritual life; not to mention the possible devastating physical effects.

May this incident serve as a warning that what you do in private is not as private as you imagine. Even if it does not leak to the media, it remains with you, affecting your future in ways you cannot imagine at the time. We continue to pray for our students and their families and all who have been affected by this video.

Rev. Milton Tweheyo,
The Director of Student Affairs,
Uganda Christian University

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16 thoughts on “UCU Sex Tape: University Speaks Out

  1. This Director of Student Affairs is very bright….. Every Administrator should borrow a leaf from him!

  2. Reverand Tweheyo this issue is very serious. We expect only one statement from the administration.UCU HAS EXPELLED THE THREE STUDENTS. for us the concerned parents will not look on when these immoral boys share the same lecture rooms with our own.we have had a lot on UCU in the past and always rubbished the allegations thinking they are generated by your competitors in university education.
    Now that some tangible evidence is in our homes, we shall take the necessary steps if at all the administration looks at siphoning fees from the culprits at the expense of the rest of majority students.We appeal to Bishops and the Council to expeditiously prevail on the UCU administration to do the needful at this trying moment.

    1. Expulsions, dismissals, imprisonments and summary executions have been around since the days of Adam but they have not stopped humanity from going offtrack. Prayers and counsellling need to be given chance

    2. oh please sendijja dont act perfect …”i hear not share the same lecture room with your boys!” will they contaminated there morals. please listen to yourself . i dont support what they did but i think counselling them is a better approach that stigmatisation .lets not act jugdemental but always finding a way of putting a positive influence ones life. ..

    3. You sound like an extremist in denial. The university has given the best response ever. They want to help.

      Also, you can move your kids to another university if you feel that they are not in a safe place because you have seen a clip. I wonder how you saw the clip mr moral.

  3. I don’t like the fact that the sex tape was circulated and “went viral” as has been reported. But I also don’t like the university’s promise to take the students through a students’ disciplinary process. Let’s face it, university students are all above 18 and when they engage in sexual activity as in this clip, they are deemed as consenting adults. so why punish them? Many students in UCU and other universities are sexually active. The only difference is that the stupid ones record their experiences, knowingly or unknowingly, and it ends up where this one is. Actually the wrong thing I see with this clip is that whoever circulated the clip i) invaded the privacy of consenting adults having sex and ii) circulated pornography which is a crime in Uganda. Let’s not hide our heads in the sand, where you have young girls and boys mixing on a daily basis in a free environment like a university campus, rompy sex should be expected.

  4. The moral degradation and shamelessness of society has reached point that public displays of lewdness and debauchery are the new norm. Lucifer and his legions of demons must be shrieking in delight at their unprecedented success.

    But just as Divine Justice rained down upon mankind during various epochs when immorality had peaked, so will It suddenly descend upon us in these our modern times where evil has reached unprecedented levels. And with the current worldwide promotion and acceptance of perversions such as prostitution, homosexuality and bestiality, it is certain that Divine chastisement will descend upon us sooner than we think.

  5. If it was in other universities, it would not be any news but for a university like UCU, that is very big news.

    1. Exactly, everyone expects students at UCU to all be Christians and that’s where the whole issue starts, but lets look at it this way, are there any martyrs at Uganda martyrs Nkozi???

  6. Rev. Milton Tweheyo,

    The Director of Student Affairs,

    Uganda Christian University

    thank you for that great response and communication

  7. That is a good response. However, my view is that LEGALLY, these students did not do anything wrong at all. I know some of you may have already condemned me, but lemme finish.
    So, as I was saying, MORALLY, they have committed a crime, but LEGALLY, hell NO. I say this coz, in Uganda, there are no laws that govern pornography. People sell pornography material on the streets to whoever is willing to part with some money; also nowadays, even the local cinemas aka “bibandas” also show Pornography movies like no man’s business. So, basing on that, I don’t actually see any wrong these students did. They were simply having their own “fun”.
    So,if such situations are to be avoided in future, first we need strong laws against the act.

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