Uganda Christian University Student Stabs Self to Death

Edgar Francis Isanga

By Grace Turyatunga

A Uganda Christian University (UCU) student has stabbed himself to death, leaving colleagues in utter shock.
The incident happened early this morning at around 1:00 am in Mukono Municipality east of Kampala City.

The deceased, Edgar Francis Isanga, was a Bachelor of Information Technology student residing in Galaxy Hostel. According to students who spoke with Red Pepper Digital, Isanga was found lying unconscious in his room at Galaxy Hostel located in Bugujju.

According to one of his friends who has preferred to keep an unknown identity, the deceased had just returned to his room from attending a football match.

Isanga’s room

After 30 minutes had elapsed, the custodian of the hostel identified as Denis Dravini and Isanga’s neighbors heard a noise coming from his room and when they came closer to see what was transpiring, he was breaking items like plates, cups, and his television shouting his mother’s name.

They broke the door and window to rescue him and during the breakdown, he shouted at them asking:  “ Do you know what my mother has done to me?” 

“They entered the room and realized there wasn’t any other person who was fighting with him apart from himself, ” the student told Red Pepper Digital.
When they managed to enter, he was found lying down a blood oozing out of his chest.

“He was rushed to Church of Uganda Hospital in Mukono Municipality but unfortunately, he couldn’t make it there on time,” the student added.

According to close sources, it has been alleged that Isanga has been stressed and depressed the previous weeks and has been fighting a lot of battles that seemed to be spiritual till yesterday night when he stabbed himself to death.

Isanga has been described by his friends as a friendly, caring, humble and kind person and the news of his death has left them in shock, traumatized and disturbed. 

His body shall be laid to rest in his homeland in Fort Portal, Kabarole District in Western Uganda.

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