Uganda Comes 4th In East Africa In Access To Electricity- Report

Uganda comes a distance 4th place in East African Countries in a World Bank report which investigated access to electricity.

According to the report, which tracks sustainable energy achievements globally, Kenya has the highest electricity access rate in East Africa.

According to The World Bank’s Energy Progress Report for the period up to the year 2016, Kenya scored 56% in access to electricity, followed by Tanzania at 32.8 percent.

Rwanda comes third at 29.37 percent with Uganda at 26.7 percent beating only Burundi which came last at 7.5 percent.

Selestino Babungi the Umeme MD at the company AGM on Thursday

This comes out on a day when Umeme the energy distribution company announced during its annual AGM that it had connected another 174,477 customers during the year 2017.

Uganda has just over 1,120,000 customers connected to the electricity grid while Kenya has close to 8million.

According to a government report, access to electricity in Uganda is hampered by high energy rates which mean that despite improvements in rural electrification, many homesteads cannot afford to pay to have the connection and those who pay for initial connection, cannot afford to consume electricity on a regular basis.

In 2018, electricity access in Kenya stood at 73.42 percent thanks to several national electrification projects that are being carried out by Kenya Power like the last Mile Connectivity Project and GPOBA that singles out urban informal settlements and low-income households in rural areas.


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