Uganda Could Pull Out Of Somalia

Uganda supplies more troops to the AU mission than any other country


The Republic of Uganda is reviewing its mission in war-torn Somalia. Asuman Kiyingi Uganda’s State Minister for Foreign Affairs, made these remarks after the UN accused it (Uganda) of backing rebels in the Eastern Democratic Republic of Congo saying Uganda could now suspend its involvement in Somalia.

He claims Uganda has been “Stabbed in the back” by the World body.

This comes at the back drop of a report by a UN panel of experts that accused both Uganda and Rwanda of supplying the M23 rebels in the Eastern Democratic Republic of Congo with weapons, a charge both countries have denied. The conflict in the East of the country has left an estimated 500,000 people homeless.

Uganda supplies more troops to the AU mission than any other country

As it appears, Uganda has responded to these allegations by stating it is reviewing the whole Somalia mission in addition to the UN Peace Keeping Operations in the Central African Republic.

“We are reviewing our engagement in Somalia until these malicious allegations are withdrawn and the international community at the UN assure the people of Uganda that the sacrifices they are making are appreciated and recognized instead of being stabbed in the back the way that… report did,” Asuman Kiyingi told the BBC.

Uganda has bore the brunt of having sent its troops to Somalia. In July 2010 more than 70 people died when suicide bombers linked to Al Shabaab attacked the capital Kampala. It should be noted that Uganda contributes a lion’s share of the African Union (AU) Mission  troops in the horn of Africa nation that has been plagued by war over the last twenty years.

The African Union troops have played a significant role in forcing Al-Qaeda linked Islamic Militants Al-Shabaab out of their previously held positions, bringing a semblance of peace to the country, a point that could worry the international community if Kampala goes with the plan to review the mission.

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  1. Uganda can’t afford to pull out from Somalia. The Uganda army’s budget is almost 50% subsidized by the US and western European countries. The subsidy doesn’t end with those who serve in Somalia but extends to the entire Uganda army, from uniform, weapons to salaries. The Ugandan people may not be privy to this but if journalist could do some research into how much Uganda’s army is subsidized, they will be amazed. Because of this, its only talk that Uganda will pull out. After Somalia, Uganda will indeed find it hard to sustain its army. In fact, for all these years Museveni has been in power, he has lived off the dime of western powers. Has anyone asked where the 5 billion dollar debt forgiveness? Why is Uganda again indebted with over 10 billion after western countries wiped out Uganda’s foreign debt? Those are the questions which responsible journalists in Uganda must be asking. Thus, I conclude, Kiyingi is just blowing air..may be Uganda now is looking for some attention after Kenya has now taken over what clearly was Ugandas role in Somalia. And by this, the Kenyans have really been opportunistic after Uganda did the ‘donkey work’…but sometimes, that’s how things work out!!!

    1. @Nsubuga,to my surprise,Nsubuga thinks that Somalia mission is economical and permanent.However, u here by informed that UPDF involvement in somalia was a peace-keeping mission until recently when her mandate was expanded to engagement.This came out after the MOU btn the AU,the UN and the Gov’t of the Repuublic of Uganda.It’s against this background that Uganda reserves her mandate to continue the mission or terminate it,depending on the mutuality bth her and the international community.Again I wish to rubbish yr misinformed allegation that Updf can not be sustained without Somalia mission,UPDF has been in existance many yrs before,and therefore was requested by the AU basing on historic records and its professionalisation.Morever, not all our troops are in somalia but are engaged at home and international security missions.Therefore its my humble request that if u’re to make comments,never politicise the army,u will be accountable.

    2. Nsubuga don’t be pessimistic. Every Ugandan should be proud of what the UPDF has accomplish for Africa in Somalia. Are you African?

  2. I thought all along Uganda was in Somalia because of its pan African agenda. We have been told over and over by Kulayigi and co that we are there to stop small arms proliferation, restore order and order among others. Now it turns out we are there for other reasons. It is like considering withdrawing from a degree program because the dean of the faculty you are attending has accused your father of being gay.

  3. if its a withdraw, let it be a normal withdraw with out any hidden agenda, if case of Dr Congo, its just a malicious allegation and UN has big responsibility to prove it beyond doubt. In fact Uganda did not go to Somalia for a wedding ceremony.

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