Uganda Law Society Fails to Elect New Leadership

ULS President Ruth Sebatindira

Ruth Sebatindira
Ruth Sebatindira

Uganda Law Society members have voted to extend the mandate of the Executive Council led by Ruth Sebatindira by six months after failing to elect new leaders at the Annual General Meeting held in Entebbe on Saturday.

The resolution came after members declined the endorsement of Ernest Kalibbala as President and Hussein Kashillingi as Vice President of the Society. The two had been declared by the Returning Officer before this Annual General Meeting on ground that they were unopposed.

However, during the stormy AGM at Imperial Resort Beach Hotel, members opposed the declaration which they referred to as “a coronation of sole candidature” which would subvert “democratic practice.”

Kampala Lord Mayor Erias Lukwago, a renowned lawyer questioned whether the meeting was convened to witness a Coronation before suggesting that the mandate of the current executive committee be extended until the Impasse is resolved.

“Should we now just proceed to witness a coronation? Let us extend Sebatindira’s tenure for one month and then elect new leaders, Lukwago said.

Lukwago was supported by several other lawyers who said they did not want to use the AGM to anoint people rather than vote.

Although another member Max Mutabingwa suggested that the extension would be challenged in court, the meeting therefore resolved to postpone the elections for six months to study the legal implications of the challenges. The Ruth Sebatindira leadership will continue to lead ULS in that period

Sebatindira was first elected to the residency of Uganda Law Society in 2013. Her two year tenure had come to an end.

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