Uganda Telecom Unveils Epic Flick Thursday At Century Cinemax

Ugandans can now enjoy quality yet affordable movies in Kampala following the launch of Epic Flick Thursday a new movie day sponsored by Uganda Telecom, at the Acacia Mall based Century Cinemax.


The introduction of #EFT follows the signing of an exclusive partnership between Uganda Telecom, one of the country’s Top 52 Brands and Century Cinemax on August 14, 2014.

Speaking at the launch of the partnership, and premiere of the movie “Lucy”, Mr. Shailendra Naidu, the Chief Commercial Officer at Uganda Telecom said, “As a Proudly Uganda brand, we are excited to unveil #EFT, to give our customers and fun-loving Ugandans, a thrilling yet affordable cinema experience. As the most affordable telecom service in Uganda, we aim to extend that affordability beyond our product offerings to your everyday life because it’s truly all about u. With this partnership, we are bringing you the latest blockbusters at an affordable rate. ”


The launch of EFT coincided with the premiere of Lucy, a new action packed thriller starring Scarlett Johansson and Morgan Freeman, and directed by French Film director, Luc Besson.

The premiere of Lucy is the first of many movie premieres which will be held during the Uganda Telecom sponsored movie day.

Satish Guna, the Manager Century Cinemax expressed his gratitude to Uganda Telecom for the sponsorship and urged movie-loving Ugandans to take advantage of the new offer.


“Century Cinemax is truly grateful to Uganda Telecom for making this possible. Since the partnership kicked off, we have seen a great improvement in the number of customers coming to watch movies on Thursday.”

He added that since the introduction of EFT, Cinemax has received a positive response from the public. “We have so far received positive vibe around this partnership and it is visible on our social media platforms, especially Facebook where Uganda Telecom has been giving away free tickets on a weekly basis,” he said.


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