Uganda To Protest UN M23 Allegation


The Republic of Uganda is to protest a recently released UN report accusing her of backing M23 rebels that are currently causing mayhem in the Eastern Democratic Republic of Congo.

As you read this, a delegation from the East African nation that includes her Minister of Information, Communication and Technology (ICT) Dr. Ruhakana Rugunda and Commander of Land Forces Lt. General Katumba Wamala are headed for the UN in New York to register Uganda’s disappointment.

The UN experts report alleges that the African nation has been supporting the M23 rebels by hosting its leaders in her capital, Kampala. This report also accuses Uganda’s neighbor Rwanda of arming the rebellion in the east of the DRC.

The conflict in the Democratic Republic of Congo has left an estimated 500,000 people homeless.

The UN Security Council is meeting on Thursday to formally receive the experts report. This comes at the heels of a threat by Uganda that she was in the process of reviewing her mission in war torn Somalia in response to the critical report. Uganda forms the bulk of the UN sanctioned African Union (AU) force currently in the process of pacifying the ‘Horn of Africa’.

Choosing Dr. Rugunda

Uganda’s choice of the ICT minister Hon. Ruhakana Rugunda to head the delegation gives a clear indication of how serious the Kampala government views the accusation.

Dr. Rugunda has previously served as the Uganda’s envoy to the world body and is therefore expected to use his experience at the UN to negotiate, and end the developing friction between Uganda and the UN over this report that is threatening to divide the two.

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  1. I am not surprised the report. From Rwanda to Uganda, it will Kenya or Tz tomorrow.! Is this a deal to crack down the EAC by painting a dim picture of them? Its utterly stupid. The UN should confess that it has failed bitterly in Congo. Butare, Rwanda.

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