Ugandan Drug Traffickers must Face Wrath -Chinese Envoy

Chinese ambassador, Zhao Yali and Foreign affairs minister Sam Kutesa.

Chinese ambassador, Zhao Yali and Foreign affairs minister Sam Kutesa.
Chinese ambassador, Zhao Yali and Foreign affairs minister Sam Kutesa.

The Chinese ambassador Zhao Yali casts doubt in the envisaged Prisoner Repatriation pact between Uganda and China by stating that all persons arrested in crime should pay for their sins.

Ambassador Zhao said he was aware that the hanged youth were used by some people to carry the drugs but it was important that they are punished according to the law.

“Drug trafficking is a crime according to international law, and the laws in china and our laws are more swift,” the ambassador said. He added that Chinese laws needed to be respected as a sovereign state.

Ambassador Zhao made the remarks during the handover of electronic equipment to the minister of foreign affairs Sam Kutesa at the ministry auditorium in Kampala.

According to Chinese law, Zhao said, if one is arrested with 15 grams they are sentenced to between 50 years and life imprisonment.

He however revealed that in the case of the executed Ugandans Omar Ddamulira and Ham Andrew Ngobi carried 16kgs and over 20kgs of drugs respectively. He said China was engaging government to see that the Anti-narcotic law is strengthened.

Foreign Affairs minister Kutesa said government wouldn’t condone the crime but was trying to bring back the people who are arrested, tried and convicted to face their sentences in the country.

This comes at a backdrop of Kutesa’s revelation that he had written to his Justice and constitutional affairs counterpart Kahinda Otafiire to come up with a stronger amendments in the law so as to prepare for the prisoners’ reciprocal protocol.

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2 thoughts on “Ugandan Drug Traffickers must Face Wrath -Chinese Envoy

  1. I remember a Chinese paedophile who was arrested for defiling a child and released by our clueless judiciary and police! No wonder other countries do not respect us, they can come to our country commit crimes and our spineless leaders let them off, yet when Ugandans commit crimes in theirs, they are met with the full weight of the law. If they trend continues, it will undoubtedly lead to lynchings and vigilantism. A scenario where foreigners come here and start disrespecting our laws would have been unimaginable during Big Daddy’s reign!

  2. Sympathy does not mean you are not guilt. It is high time to learn that law and order works elsewhere. We need to stop seeking for sympathy when we could have avoided mistakes in the first place.

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