Ugandan Girl Quits Gay Lifestyle, To Get Married

Val Kalende, a female Ugandan gay rights activist has quit the gay lifestyle, telling her church in Kampala that she was tired of living a life of “same sex sin”.

Kalende was so into the gay lifestyle, she was one of the first known defenders of gay rights. She fled Uganda and gained Canadian citizenship in 2015 at the time the anti homosexuality bill was being debated in Parliament.

She lived and worked in Canada for some time but would occasionally return to Uganda.

This past Sunday though, she stunned her church by coming clean and denouncing homosexuality saying she had ‘seen the light’.

“By the time I went public about it yesterday (Sunday), I was ready. I wanted to take time to do the important work on myself before making a public confession,” Kalende said in a facebook post detailed her lifestyle and why she is now going to live a normal life as a straight woman.

Kalende used to dress like a ruffian but has since styled up to dress as a lady

She added: “It’s draining. But I know people have questions and they mean well. I’d be glad to respond to questions concerning what I have learned about the sin of same-sex attraction and the mystery that surrounds the homosexual lifestyle, especially for Christians, parents and people with family members or friends who struggle with same-sex attractions…I am not an authority on sexuality let alone what qualifies for sinful nature, but I, sure, have an awareness that could help folks out there. Feel free to message me privately or leave your questions below this post.”

She added that her decision was inspired by her desire to live a normal life with her friends and family.

“My desire is to take long deserved rest and spend time with my family.” She said she will also get married, to a man.

In another TV interview Kalende said: “I joined lesbianism right after Makerere University. I’m born of Christian parents. All of them cut their ties with me for being gay. I became an orphan, I became rebellious. We always wondered why the world forced us to become girls who do not love men. Right now, I have no peace of mind. I sometimes break down and cry wondering why am like this,” she said.

Kalende used to dress in a masculine way with tinted hair, but in a picture on her facebook profile, she has makeup and is dressed like a real woman.


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10 thoughts on “Ugandan Girl Quits Gay Lifestyle, To Get Married”

  1. Val,
    You are not the only person out there struggling to be cleansed by the blood of Jesus . Thank God that you have done like the second man who called on Jesus to rembember him when He reached His father’s house. He told him that his faith had saved him. Thank for realising that same sex was a sin and turned to God. God is using you like He used Paul to fish men from sin.

  2. I believe your guardian engel is already celebrating in heaven, because you were lost but now you are found. Trust me God loves you that is why he openede your eyes to make you see how you had gone astray. My prayer is that you dont go back but hold toghtly to the only person who loves us all. God Bless you. We all walk in sin,but with daily repentance we will be saved.

    Paul was once called Saul the most sinful.

  3. Lady,
    Remember Lot’s wife when she looked back! Never ever go back. Pray earnestly so that all your former colleagues come out of the Satan’s claws. Be extra careful with where you go to,what you eat,friends you have,doubtful relatives around you,and dubious everyone near you! Join a good church and be involved with Church activities and create true christian friends.

  4. Dear Val, I thank God for your courage to break the chain of bondage from the devil. When I read your story, I felt that your transformation is from God, just as it happened to Saul – turned Paul. I am Christian of the Anglican faith, and a Social Worker by profession, trained of Makerere University. I am very happy for you and willing to support you in any way possible. Do not fear, God will surely protect you! Kindly, allow me to prose reading Luke 15 : 1-32, for your parents, as well as you. I pray this light should shine on others to be liberated too. God bless you & your family.

  5. Dez Balokole/born again cult ve began with their “blood of jesus n guardian angel” songs again, can’t u say anything without dat

  6. Thank God for the change< u still need serious prayers people can change, nevertheless, we have a saying in lukonzo language that "A hole where a squirrel once lived its scent is always in it".

  7. Your job now is to inspire others to quit such a horrible lifestyle. God will reward you for saving his sons and daughters that live a life of “same sex sin”.

  8. PRAISE GOD FOR SAVING SUCH A beautiful SOUL out of the misery life
    GLORY be to GOD

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