Ugandan Parliament Pays Tribute to Nebanda

Deputy Speaker Jacob Oulanaya Laying a wreath on The Casket

Deputy Speaker Jacob Oulanaya Laying a wreath on The Casket
Deputy Speaker Jacob Oulanaya Laying a wreath on The Casket

Uganda Parliament on Friday afternoon paid tribute to fallen Butaleja Woman Member of Parliament Cerinah Nebanda who passed away last Friday in Kampala.

Deputy speaker Jacob Oulanya chaired the special sitting to pay tribute to the late Cerinah Nebanda.

In a solemn ceremony, many of her fellow legislators praised her outspoken attitude and ability to challenge the status quo even when it risked putting her on the list of so called rebel MPs.

Ken Lukyamuzi, Rubaga South MP said, “Cerinah was one of the greatest young freedom fighters in Parliament.” He proposed that a monument be built in honour of the late Cerinah Nebanda.

Obongi County MP, Fungaroo said that more determined leaders will arise despite Nebanda’s demise.

Buyaga West MP Barnabas Tinkasimire paid tribute to the fallen MP and asked where the rumours that the deceased was using drugs came from saying she never did that in her life.

Makindye West MP Hussein Kyanjo listed measures being used to suppress outspoken politicians. He had to end his eulogy abruptly due to a frail voice.

Bugweri County MP Abdu Katuntu extended his condolence message to the family of the bereaved and the people of Butaleja. “If it were me, Cerinah would be asking the hard questions. I am proud to be part of those asking the questions about her death. They have killed a young, innocent and intelligent Ugandan.”

Kampala woman MP Nabilah Sempala urged fellow lawmakers to be careful with their lives.

Kampala MP Mohammed Nsereko said, “No one shall derail us from seeking justice. Justice shall come whether we are dead or alive.”

“One day, one time, wherever you are, you will be brought to justice,” he added.

Alice Alaso, a fellow MP added, “Where the blood of that young lady flows, the same will happen to her murderers.”

Kawempe Division North MP Latif Sebagala said Cerinah Nebanda was a great legislator.

Latif named those who have died and reports on their mysterious deaths have never been released. Latif Sebagala proposed that Cerinah’s mother should contest for the now vacant parliamentary seat.

Cerinah Nebanda was one of Uganda’s youngest MPs at the age of 24.

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  1. Only God will rule for ever,You may kill but you wil also die and you are putting the lives of your beneficiaries at risk.

  2. But God why cant You for sure with Your mighty hand stretch it to us and save us! When on earth will somebody die of his/her natural death not politicised by cheap and food for thoughts of my Uganda? May your soul rest in peace my dear!!!

  3. The family and the people of Uganda would have believed these results if they where from Dr.Onzivua. Who ever stopped Dr.Onzivua from boarding a plane to South Africa will regret for ever. In a nut shell, the samples that where flown to the UK laboratory didn’t belong to
    Nebanda!!!! In that case Ugandans won’t accept the results from Isreal and the UK. The police took Nebanda’s samples from Dr.Onzivua at Entebbe airport. Why did the police take Nebanda’s samples from Onzivua????? we will never know.

  4. it happened we cant say who o who let her soul rest in peace. De biggest en smallest will end up in a 6 x 3 o 4 we must not brem movement it c’d happen to every one from any party

  5. Abdu katuntu,such a gentleman,wish we had more like is not suprzng that some big wings in the government are silent..Uganda is atime bomb waiting to blast.indeed,the mum should contest and lets watch the government blocking her,shameless creatures.

  6. the one who does it,did it last and his time will be worse because there is 40 days for every thing.

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