Ugandans Abuse Newly Crowned Miss Uganda

Ugandans threw all types of insults immediately after the Iganga district born Leah Kalanguka was crowned Miss Uganda 2014/2015 on Saturday evening at Speke Resort Munyonyo.

Miss Uganda 2014 Leah Kalanguka
Miss Uganda 2014 Leah Kalanguka

Social Media sites, Facebook and Twitter were the battle grounds with most Ugandans arguing that the newly crowned miss Uganda Leah Kalanguka is ‘ugly’ and never deserved it.

“Miss Uganda World is your theme Beauty with a purpose or Ugly with a purpose?” one Ugandan questioned the organizers of Miss Uganda World on Facebook.

“Museveni is always embarrassing Besigye, now he declared him Miss Uganda,” said another Ugandan identified as Maseruka on Twitter.

Frankie Sinatra said that; “TF is this UPDF? Is Miss Uganda now chosen ironically? Like who di ugliest of di bunch? Like who will scare Somali soldiers? Miss Scarecrow”

“And so this Miss Uganda winner, I have been told super heroes are rarely attractive. I hope she can cure cancer.”

Ssebintu Nyini bintu said that United States is about to Invade Miss Uganda, she looks like Oil.

Leah, A former mushroom and poultry farmer was crowned Miss Uganda following a major rebranding of the annual beauty pageant, now designed to promote agriculture.

Kalanguka, 23, beat off 19 other finalists after a competition that saw the glamour of the catwalk ditched for an army-sponsored boot camp on a farm, where contestants had to milk cows and work with goats and sheep.

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5 thoughts on “Ugandans Abuse Newly Crowned Miss Uganda

  1. The critics are being unfair, some people would kill to have that set of teeth, for example.

  2. I love your black beauty, she is truly beautiful. Remember beauty is in the eyes of the beholder

  3. What is wrong with Ugandans where were you doing the contest? I mean, why didn’t you contest. If you don’t like her beauty GO TO HELL AND BURN IN FIRE

  4. I have realized that my fellow Ugandans look at the out beauty of a person, I believe that why we are behind. And that’s why there are marriage break ups. Stop judging her she is good looking because she is created in GOD’s own image

  5. You think being black is ugly? Days are gone when external appearance used to count much. To be selected she must have other qualities than just appearance. What is beauty for you the complainer? how care we measure it?

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