Ugandans Harshly React To Crane Bank Takeover


Ugandans Harshly React To Crane Bank Takeover

By Serestino Tusingwire

Following Bank of Uganda’s declaration that it had taken over the management of the troubled Crane Bank, many Ugandans mostly the bank’s customers were in a terrible shock thinking that their accounts would be compromised.

It was not until it was made clear that the bank’s business will continue normally that the customers felt at ease.

Red pepper Uganda published many detailed stories about the incident and some of our readers commented on them.

Here are the reactions of our readers about the saga;

Kikudu Peter How should a limited private company with such a big lost be taken up by Government? That is how Uganda is being robbed, Museveni and Sudhir.

Drake Dicken Dankari whenever I go to crane bank, I find almost empty banking halls, but I have been hearing contradicting info, that it’s the best performing, I wondered whether may be they have many huge corporate clients, now I suspect all those awards, were could have been based on lies, also given owner’s character, OR Sudhir could be trying to rob Ugandans again

Asonyu Ekukulerut Ame Alere That is the society we live in. No honest talk, all I heard was a ‘rumour’ being rubbished by both Crane bank and its supervisor BOU as “baseless rumours.” Reason they do this is because they think this is a stupid society that deserves no respect and accountability and they copied this from how NRA occupation treats Ugandans.

Muzamil Ebrahim Nobody should underestimate the capacity of Sudhir to forecast the future of his investments in Uganda. He carefully and systematically relocated his investments to Dubai in hakuna mchezo scheme.

Echegem Okia The sins of grabbing clients’ assets have caught up with him.

Azoora Floyd These guyz are typical thieves, they build nice buildings all over the country to house there bank then when people bank there money, someone benefits dubiously .

Kyagonza Dan Yet Museveni said the economy is doing so well and that is why he is wasting money on Mps@kisanja Hakuna Mucuzi

Rukiidi Atwooki Rwakasimbi If this is true, weaker banks will soon follow. however, m7 can save the day by donating (basajjabalaba style) tonnes of 50k notes 2 save his purpet.

Nambuya Sarah Could this be a drive 2 d middle income by 2020 n kisanja hakuna muchezo?

Henry Matagala I don’t know when we Ugandans take responsibilities; always we first dispute

Eng Aaron Reeno What grows fast dies fast

Tonny Ton Why were they denying @ 1st, credit goz 2 TVO

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