Uganda’s growing SME’s embrace E-commerce to tap online shoppers

Doing business in Uganda requires not just capital but also innovation.


With a crowded business space and choosy buyers, companies are thinking out of the box to create a niche that will get buyers settling for their products.

One such company is e-commerce king, Kaymu.

The brand is  which is the largest online retailer-shop in Uganda, is also becoming the fastest growing online digital market place where buyers and sellers meet on social media sites to make transactions.

The break through social-shopping craze has turned Kaymu into an online shopping community where buyers and sellers meet and make the best deals for used for used or new products.

These commodities range from mobile phones, laptops, latest fashion, apparel to home appliance ,sports items, food & beverages and many more products.

 As Ugandans become more accustomed to using social media, Kaymu gives its customers the opportunity to use such media to attract fans, promote images of their products, and create viral campaigns in a hope to influence consumers purchasing decisions.

Sellers use the social sites to engage with their clients and advertise different products. Kaymu enables customers to integrate their e-commerce with facebook.

Through social media, account holders of Kaymu are able to follow a seller, chat privately and see what sellers are displaying.

To foster safe online shopping, Kaymu provides you with the contact details of the seller right after you make an order on making an order. Buyers are able to see the latest products and rate the seller.

The payment system has been made secure by enabling buyers to order and prepay to the Kaymu Safepay Account.

Buyers are sent an email or sms for notification of the payment. Sellers can then call the buyer and arrange for delivery.

Upon agreement of the transaction, Kaymu then transfers the money to the seller’s Safepay account.

Timothy Mugume, the Head of Customer Support and Operations for Kaymu, believes this form of e-Commerce has closed the gap between the seller and buyer.

“The integration of social media network has evolved the relationship between consumers and sellers on Kaymu. This alignment brings out the best of shopping experience, advancing e-Commerce in the country,” he said.

The frenzy has seen a rise of entrepreneurs by giving sellers a more organized and structured way of conducting business deals.

Sellers are also empowered with seasoned seller managers who try to meet their marketing needs and offer business advice.

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